I submitted a formal complaint, in 1991, after I had left the Island.  I believe the subsequent investigation of my complaint was a sham.   Many aspects of my complaint were clear-cut yet nothing came from the allegations.   The case was closed.  

On 7th October 1996, a serving Bermuda police Inspector of the Intelligence unit, formally one of my Narcotics sergeants, wrote that I "was subverted and betrayed" (see: Evidence - Officer's Letter ).

At last, an Officer was prepared to come forward and tell the truth, or so I believed.  I was wrong, the Officer was not prepared to assist me further.  In 1997, I wrote to the Commissioner of Police (Bermuda) notifying him of his Officer's statement.  Despite the letter being delivered (proof of postage returned signed), I heard nothing further, not even the courtesy of an acknowledgement.   A month later, I wrote to the Governor of Bermuda.   The letter was treated with identical contempt.

The Internet is a new medium to me but appears ideal for bringing some serious issues to public attention.  I can also air my grievance.

The current Commissioner of Police has been reported as saying the investigation remains open, pending new evidence.  The Inspector's letter is new evidence, it is damning evidence.

Far from being open, the case was firmly shut.  I cite the Bermuda Police Inspector's words and that I brought them to the attention of the appropriate authorities in support of my complaint.

It remains to be seen if the case will be re-opened.   However, other issues need to be addressed, to include the comments of the State Trooper (see: Evidence - The Transcript).

I will attempt to refrain from expressing opinion.  Please make up your own mind just what was and possibly still is, occurring on the Island.





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