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The Murder


The murder of Miss Middleton was a tragedy, what followed was an amazing fiasco which should leave all reasonable, decent people concerned or stunned.  Just how did this comedy of errors lead to such an intolerable 'result'?

The basis of the miscarriage of justice has always centered on the granting of immunity to a suspect.  Now, for the first time we hear the following:

Former AG denies deal in Middleton case

By Karen Smith The Royal Gazette Ltd Bermuda, August 15, 2000

Former Attorney General Elliott Mottley denied there had ever been an immunity deal offered to one of the suspects in the Rebecca Middleton murder.  He refuted claims that Kirk Mundy had been offered a lesser charge, that of accessory after the fact, in return for a guilty plea and information.  He said: "There never was an immunity deal offered to Mundy. He was charged based on the evidence that the Police provided us with at the time.  "They had nothing else but his statement.

"For years people have said there was a deal, but there was no deal. There was no written immunity document because there was no immunity offered.

"I have never spoken out before, but now I think it is time."

Comment: Stop the press!  This is an incredible turn of events but the 'confession' appears to have been accepted without so much as a second look.  There never was an immunity agreement?  This needs to be investigated in depth.

It appears a formal complaint against the officers involved in the enquiry needs to be made at the highest level, investigated by an independent, overseas commission.  The former AG’s comments are astounding.

Former Attorney General Saul Froomkin has said:

  •  "In the Mundy matter there was a lack, to my knowledge, of a written immunity document, so everyone knew the arrangement," said Mr. Froomkin. "The fact that the prosecution subsequently sought to breach that agreement was a very bad thing."

Clearly he is of the impression there was such an agreement.

Acting Assistant Commissioner of police Vic Richmond has apparently said:

  • ‘members of the AG's chambers, including Mr. Tokunbo, who was Senior Crown counsel at the time, wanted to offer Mundy a deal whereby he be offered a lesser sentence in return for information’

Clearly he is of the impression there was an agreement.

However, it appears everyone is playing word games, skirting about the issue, avoiding answering the question directly.  So far, no one has actually said categorically that there existed a ‘deal’, the granting of immunity.  What we now have is a denial.

What has Mundy’s lawyer to add?





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