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20 May '90
Statement of Owens sister
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Trapasso Debrief notes
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Miranda Enquiry Related Intelligence

The Miranda enquiry had far reaching effects, not least was the link to a murder in the US.  In brief, the US suppliers believed their network had been smashed as a result of an informant.  They looked within their organisation for the leak.   Debra Owens had been demanding payment of $2,000, monies she was owed for shipping cocaine to Bermuda.  Debra had threatened to go to the authorities if she was not paid.  Whilst this was almost certainly a hollow threat, it coincided with our arrest of the Bermuda end of the operation.

My Detective Sergeant and I had the greatest knowledge of the investigation and therefore we received the intelligence (information) directly.  Often the updates would be conveyed by telephone.

The investigation was of a sensitive nature.  There had been suggestions the cocaine dealers had strong links to a senior Officer in the narcotics department, Denis Ramsey.   I had been advised to submit all information through the Detective Inspector, George Jackson to ensure the head of the department, Dennis Ramsey was unaware of what was occurring.

I had already bought my own word-processor to ensure I was able to by-pass the typist in the office who, it was reasonable to assume, would convey the content of reports to the I.O.C. Narcotics.  As I typed my own reports, what appears in the pages will be accurate taken, in some instances, from hard copy documents, in other instances, directly from text files created at the time of the investigation.  The content is a true representation of the reports with some names removed to protect the innocent.

The investigation spread and information was collated from a number of sources ...




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