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                                       Monday, 06 December 2004

FAO George Jackson

Deputy Commissioner of the Bermuda Police


I refer to the telephone message I have left for you at 1:36pm today. Inspector Minors has my contact number, he was to have passed it to you.  Having not received the courtesy of a reply, I can only presuppose he has overlooked the matter.  My telephone number is the subject of an answer machine which will be accessed tomorrow morning and I hope to be provided some suitable times as it is my intention to be in London before your return to Bermuda.

As per the message I have just left, I am hopeful you have received my fax.  I recall your request for a list of questions before we met last time and thought I would pre-empt the appeal on this occasion.  I am also hopeful that this will ensure we avoid the indecision and contradictions encountered in early 2003.  I feel sure that you wish to convey the truth and not obstruct my legitimate request for information that is important, certainly to me. 

I remain at a loss to understand how an investigation into the use of blank search warrants (see attached) failed to uncover evidence of the practice and extent of same given that, at the time, you were the head of the narcotics department, or at least the narcotics Inspector.  Whilst I do not wish to obtain a formal statement from you in connection with the warrant fiasco, I would appreciate it if you could cast your mind back to the Wellman enquiry.  I have  provided more information in the message I left a few minutes ago.


I am also intrigued to know why you chose to be so unsupportive of my position.  It was you to whom I reported due to the suggestion that Dennis Ramsey was implicated in the investigation of what undoubtedly remains the largest and most serious crimes of conspiracy, drug trafficking, and money laundering ever conducted in the Bermuda Police Service.  So why would you accept that I bucked authority and why, without evidence, would you stand by and let one of your offices be accused of attempting to tape record a senior officer, in the absence of any evidence?  Why have you no consideration of Human Rights and your own discipline code?  In case you have forgotten the code, or have trouble finding a copy, I have provided the document at: The following should be borne in mind:

Investigation of charges

3   (1)     Whenever a Divisional Officer receives a report, complaint or allegation as to the conduct of a police officer in his Division which tends to disclose the commission of an offence against discipline, he shall appoint an Investigating Officer of the rank of Sergeant or above to investigate and report to him upon the facts.

I am eager to ascertain why you would stand back and permit the constabulary to act other than in accordance with their own discipline code. 

I am keen to meet and suspect it would be easier for you if this occurred in London.  I look forward to meeting with you and would prefer that this be prearranged.  I look forward to hearing from you this evening.

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