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Marcus Cohab

Allegedly the person behind the importation network leading to the arrest of Antonio Miranda and others, dealt with under Miranda.

Bermuda Narco. '88 has learned that Marcus Cohab, through his New York attorney, has approached the Bermuda Authorities in an attempt to engage their assistance in his parole application. 

Marcus is currently serving in excess of 30 years imprisonment in the United States of America.  The sentence is associated with his drug dealing activities and for his alleged role in the murder of Deborah Owens, in respect of whom the Bermuda press reported:

'police in New Jersey are convinced that Deborah Owens 
was gunned down on the orders of two Cuban drug kingpins
who suspected that she was about to snitch on their
lucrative Bermuda operation'.

The murder was said to have been arranged by Marcus Cohab, one of several brothers whose details were forwarded to Bermuda in connection with our investigation.  The allegation, at the time of the investigation, was that Deborah's murder was carried out by her brother, Harry Owens.  In turn we were advised Harry had been 'fed to the crocodiles' in Florida.

The murder occurred in Newark and the press reports will appear under the 'Miranda' pages on this site.

We knew more than was originally let on because, having arrested Antonio Miranda, a further 'mule' was arrested (following an interesting tip-off that will be reported on this site) who, coincidentally, advised having supplied the gun that was used in the murder.

Deborah's body was found with a number of bullet wounds, one of which was in her hand where, it is assumed, she put her hand up in protection.   The bullet traveled through it.  The US press reports will be posted on these pages.

Marcus, is said to have provided 'help' to the authorities following the arrests of his Bermuda cocaine mules and 'lynch-pin', Antonio Miranda.   The 'help' is believed to have been in the form of statements naming all those in Bermuda, including a Barrister, associated with the importation and distribution of cocaine. 

So why were the statements never acted on?  No further arrests or prosecutions followed the revelations.

For his 'help', Marcus requires statements or letters from Bermuda to sway the parole hearing.  Bermuda is being asked to assist in the release of the person associated with the most organised cocaine importation network the Island has ever seen?

So what will they do?

Marcus, according to the various statements made (including his own) was one of the 'drug kingpins' referred to in the trial of Antonio Miranda, Ted Ming, Dexter Dillas, Colin Smith and Larry Ebbin in the early 90's? 

Marcus was allegedly arranging the importation of cocaine into Bermuda, the Island was a very good source of income, after all, it is the most expensive place in the world to buy the drug (see: cocaine values).   The quantities being shipped surprised him, how the Island was able to consume such amounts was incredible.  But then, Bermuda has an incredible drug problem.

Marcus has served less than 10 years.   Will Bermuda see him, or his 'product' again?





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