Lennie Edwards



Lennie Edwards

Lennet Edwards career began in 1961 when he joined the Bermuda Police Service as a Constable, in 1992 he became Commissioner of Police retiring in 1999.

Sadly, whilst very aware of my complaints and the allegations levelled against his officers he could only muster a contemptuous, facetious response:

The following letter (February 1993) appeared in the Royal Gazette:

Calling for an investigation

Dear Sir

I have been reading with interest in The royal Gazette about the scandal involving our narcotics officers.  The issue involves our officers typing search warrants on typewriters stashed in the back of their cars.  Commissioner Edwards said that he did not know if the claims were true because he did not "drive around in a narcotics car".

Really?  What an insult to the people of Bermuda!  Presumably if there is an allegation of assault against a member of the public by a Bermuda police officer, the COP is similarly ignorant because 'he was not present'?  

And you wonder why the Bermuda police service is in such a mess!  Head-in-the -sand tactics; take two steps back Bermuda.  Presumably you now have an omnipresent Commissioner of Police?

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