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Appendix 2 - Request to leave AFT

having 'worked' in the Asset Forfeiture Department for some months, it became evident the toothless legislation was not going to be applied and that no one was interested in it.

I submitted the following report:

BERMUDA                   POLICE

To:- Commissioner of police                                    Division      Narcotics

From:PC 217 Swift                                                    Date  19th March 1990

SUBJECT:                 Return to Narcotics Department 'Street Team'



1. I have asked to be returned from the narcotics Department's Asset Forfeiture Team to the Street Team, which I left, by way of submitting an A45 three weeks ago I have been informed that although I cannot be moved to my former position because I am to remain with Asset Forfeiture, I can return to uniform, should I wish. I do not wish to remain dormant in the Asset Forfeiture Team and again ask to be moved, if this entails my return to uniform, then so be it.

2. All I have asked is that I be allowed to work, to use my initiative, imagination, and enthusiasm. For the past two years or more I have been a high profile officer with, what I believe to be a good work load; certainly no one has ever complained to the contrary. I would have hoped that my record in the Narcotics Department would speak for itself, accompanied by the number of days sick taken and the complaints that I have received, both of which are zero. However, it seems that I cannot attend an interview without paranoid mention being made of my 'reputation' and the 'complaints' that I receive. The fact of the matter is that I enjoy a relaxed life style in this compact community thanks to trust developed with my prisoners. such that I am able to, and do, socialize wherever I wish and occasionally to the extent that I receive cards of thanks and offers of accommodation from people against whom my evidence is damning (such is the case with two outstanding Supreme Court cases).

3. Any fear anyone has of my reputation is based on their own inability to work, to provide a scape goat for their own heavy handed tactics, or is based upon experiences of other officers whom they believe have been an embarrassment in the past. The creation of the reputation that I have obtained in turn enables many to justify their lack of work, causes others not to work, and is a useful tool of suppression for those incapable of supervision or management through respect. That there exist Senior Officers who still fail to realise this only compounds my problems and prevents me from progressing.

4. When I was interviewed for the position on the Asset Forfeiture Team it was made clear to me that I was in line for the post (this has recently been confirmed). I accepted the flattering offer partly due to office politics which at the time existed to my detriment (and about some of which I had already submitted an A45 concluding with a request to be transferred), the offer of the challenge, and because my voluntary acquiescence seemed preferable.

5. I have now spent five months in the office dealing with four enquiries, all of which consisted of submitting a proforma that, in short, had little to do with A.F.T. but directed toward Intelligence. Though I appreciate the need to obtain and cultivate sources of information, it has already become embarrassing to approach the banks and receiving information which quite obviously shows that we were on a 'fishing expedition'.

6. I honestly believe that I have a good attitude toward work. I have, on a number of occasions, made approaches requesting, informally, that I be returned to the Street Team. I have a reasonable understanding of the Drug Suppression Act of 1988 and had hoped that my knowledge would be viewed as useful to the Department. With the limited experience that I have gained whilst in the A.F.T., having attended Miami and having spent three days of my own leave in the U.K. with New Scotland Yard's Asset Forfeiture Team and Drug Intelligence Unit, I have come to realise that my interests do not lie in this direction. The nine-to-five, paper shuffling, office bound, sterile routine, does not suit me; I am not designed for it and I do not enjoy it. Again, informally, I have conveyed this information to supervisors along with the fact that I do not wish to take part in an overseas course relating to A.F.T.

7. My A45 asking to be returned to the Street Team would have, I had hoped, been considered favorably and in the spirit in which it was submitted, namely to give the Force an opportunity to replace me with someone inclined toward this style of work. After all, I was the last Detective Constable addition to the Narcotics Department's Street Team. in 1988, and my place has not yet been filled.

8. What particularly perturbs me is the fact that, although I am being told that I must remain with the A.F.T. and that I cannot return to my position on the Street Team, I am allowed to transfer to uniform. Quite obviously therefore, I am not required at A.F.T. and must assume that, as no one will tell me why I can only be moved away from Narcotics, uniform is deemed a punishment and that it was the intention all along to remove me from tile office.

9. I do not consider uniform duty as punishment. Such a move, although not preferable, will once again give me an opportunity to work in, and integrate with, the environment that I enjoy. Moving me from A.F.T. would, I feel, be in the Force's interest as my presence is a waste of manpower for a department which is unlikely to pursue a case in Court until after conviction for a Drug Offence some eighteen months from now. It seems unlikely that in the near future there will be enough work generated to occupy my time profitably.

10. In concluding I ask that this report not be viewed as an ultimatum. I do not wish to leave Bermuda, my work to date having made the Island an interesting and enjoyable place to live. I do not expect my every whim to be catered to. Had I not considered the implications of a transfer, albeit to uniform, then I would not have gone to the trouble of submitting such a lengthy report attempting to explain and clarify my position and reasoning. Possibly this report will result in further discussion with a view to resolving my predicament

I trust that this report is accepted in the good faith with which it is respectfully submitted.

 Philip SWIFT D.C. 217




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