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Lemay confirms Adams promotion Snubbed detective quits Police Service Questions
Comment: The Commissioner of Police has promoted the force's most notorious buffoon.  Self labeled 'investigator' Carlton 'socky' Adams has taken a senior rank which one can only assume is intended to promote him out of trouble.  Adams, who has been plagued by cock-ups in his career may well have achieved a life-time ambition; to succeed at the expense of others.  If Adams shows an interest in your welfare BEWARE!

Is the island that short of competent officers that Socky Adams is all that remains for promotion?  

Fortunately, Socky is is as sharp as your average marble and should not present a problem to those who have a little common sense.  With luck, he'll wallow in his new found position or use it to secure favors and trouble no one. Let's hope the COP keeps a tight leash on him and Socky is not permitted to implement any ideas - assuming he has some.

But be careful, Socky is like your average overweight person who stands next to obese people to appear slim,  In Socky's case, he'll surround himself with the grossly inadequate (Sinclair white comes to mind) to appear competent.  Demonstrate initiative and you will be perceived as a threat to Socky; expect a short career.

Is this Lemay's parting two-finger gesture to Bermuda? The last laugh may well be Lemay's as he departs in the knowledge that what he leaves behind is a mess that will never be compared favorably to his term in office. As for poor Jonathon Smith, as the tip of the police rank pyramid, it appears the wekest level is that immediately below him.  Let's hope he is not cut off from those who matter. 

Lemay and Adams:You cannot fashion a wit out of two half-wits*

*Neil Kinnock (1942 ) British politician. The Times, 1983

Long-time investigator Detective Chief Inspector Carlton Adams was officially named as the new Assistant Police Commissioner yesterday.

Police Commissioner Jean-Jacques Lemay welcomed Mr. Adams to the executive team, along with two new Superintendents, Sinclair White and Roseanda Jones.

 Mr. Lemay said he had every confidence in the new management team.  He said Mr. Adams, who has missed out the rank of Superintendent, would take over responsibility for both CID and uniform operations straight away.

Supt White will continue to be responsible for special operations, as he has done for sometime in the role of Acting Superintendent.

Mr. Adams, 51, who has been involved in the majority of murder cases on the Island during his 28 years as a detective, said he still intended to be involved.

But he said he will also be taking a keen interest in the welfare of officers.

He said: "The most valuable asset we have is people, and I think looking after people is very important, and I want to place continued emphasis on that."

Has he retired or has he not.  On such a small island, with a small constabulary surely the facts would be simple to elicit?

It appears not.

Bermuda's top detective, Superintendent Vic Richmond, is understood to have given notice of his retirement - just days after he was turned down for the post of Assistant Commissioner.

The 34-year veteran - believed to be bitterly disappointed after being by-passed for the number three job - is said to have voiced his intention to stand down this week.

But a Police spokesman would neither confirm nor deny the resignation yesterday, only saying: "We have no comment right now."

A senior source said the Scottish investigator, who is in his mid 50s and joined the Bermuda Force in September 1966, was definitely not resigning.

The source said: "I understand there are indications that he has decided to retire. He is eligible for retirement. As far as I know, he is not resigning."

Another source said: "Superintendent Richmond is retiring. We heard about it a few days ago. He is quitting."



  • is Vic Richmond Sick
  • is Gertrude Barker away on holiday

or are both contemplating the snub they have received?

Is that Gertie did not pass the 6 month UK course or that she is older than Socky. 

Vic Richmond is up in age; a short shelf-life his down fall?

We shall see if the island's press are being fed incorrect material by the police.

I would be surprised if this is the last we hear from the Officer's, more victims of the unfair system that operates without rule. 

According to Socky Adams:

"as far as he knew Ms Barker was away from work at the moment due to planned holiday leave, and not for any other reason"

On Socky Adams past performance, it appears reasonable to assume Ms Barker is NOT away from work on holiday and IS away for another reason.

VSB reported earlier this week that one of the two snubbed officers was seeking legal advice - but there has been nothing to back up that claim since.







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