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December 2007

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an extraordinary act by this ex Narcotics officer with whom one would think confidential information would be secure.  But no, apparently information which it appears has never been documented is 'leaked' (gushed out) not for prosecution or policing purposes, but to restore some kind of balance in Bermuda politics (?), Larry decides to inform the world that Bermuda's opposition leader was linked to a 2003 narcotics investigation.  See: or

If the 'show' is not a political scam, why does Larry not address some more 'imbalances' in Bermuda; disclose some other information that it appears he chose to keep quiet about whilst a serving officer and in a position to make a difference?   I trust he documented his 'facts' and brought them to the attention of his superiors; the Governors office? 

Is this the only case Larry can recall, whilst head of Narcotics, in which he felt that there was evidence linking someone who was not ultimately prosecuted?  Assuming he did his job, I would expect there to be many who came to Larry's notice, lots of people about whom Larry received information, intelligence or a bad feeling - when are we to receive this information from this ex-Bermuda cop, ex Bermuda resident?  Or is the only relevance of Larry's disclosure the fact that he is speaking about Bermuda's opposition leader and December is the month of the island's election?

What is Larry's agenda?   What is Larry's interest in the country he has left behind to reside in the USA?

Readers may wish to ask Larry Smith the questions directly, in which case we would suggest you use the contact detail available on the internet:

Larry Smith

Greater Osceola United Soccer Club
P. O. Box 701776
St. Cloud,
FL 34770
Tel: (407) 288-8100

Though if you would prefer to have Larry's Orlando home number, please e-mail the author and this will be supplied.

some coincidences:

  • 1990 Julian Hall was associated with the largest and most serious crimes of conspiracy, drug trafficking, and money laundering ever conducted in the Bermuda Police Service
  • 2001 Larry Smith was suspended from the police (see below) and was reinstated with the assistance of his barrister at that time Julian Hall (Julian was subsequently a bankrupt)
  • Larry Smith then became head of Bermuda narcotics
  • 2007 Ewart Brown, Bermuda's premier (PLP) has been linked to the BHC scam - the loss of $8,000,000 of public funds
  • 2007 (7th December) The Bermuda Sun reports "PLP defenders Cal Smith and Julian Hall are lashing out at any criticism of Dr. Brown".

following the above, have made his disclosure, it is reported that Larry is seeking to return to  the Bermuda police - click here to read more.

pre 2007 information:

Larry Smith

Mr. Vindictive himself returns to the Bermuda police service.  To those who thought they could breath a sigh of relief, that Larry had departed, think again.  If what doesn't kill you makes you stronger, prepare for the worst. 

And what is he up to?  Someone entrusted the narcotics section to him ... now there is one reason for me to be thankful I am no longer on the island.  Incompetent and malicious ... he's all yours guys, watch your backs.  For an indication of Larry's attitude to a successful unit see September 2001.

Smith returns to Police ranks
The Royal Gazette Ltd Bermuda, May 3, 2001

Chief Inspector Larry Smith has been reinstated as Police Superintendent and has picked up thousands of dollars in back pay.  He had been recommended for the promotion in 1995 but then Commissioner Colin Coxall withdrew the recommendation after making undisclosed allegations against Mr. Smith.  Ch. Insp. Smith's lawyer, Julian Hall then claimed the demotion was part of racist agenda to promote white officers over black officers. And he complained that Ch. Insp. Smith had never been given the chance to defend himself against the allegations which were in breach of natural justice.

Earlier in 1995, Police had investigated a complaint over an alleged spitting incident when Ch. Insp. Smith was playing football while off duty.  He had also hit the headlines when he criticised the decision to hire two overseas officers to head Bermuda's Police force.  He had said: "I don't think we need someone to come here and tell us how to suck eggs."  Ch. Insp. Smith could not be reached for comment last night, but VSB radio claimed the settlement could be worth around $200,000.

Larry, you are one of the lowest forms of life I had ever had the displeasure to encounter in Bermuda.  Had it not been for the likes of you I suspect many of my comments about the service would be less harsh.  That the Bermuda police allow someone like you to operate freely and be promoted is a perfect example of the quality of the 'service'.  

I was not surprised my complaint against you was not investigated.  As a local, senior officer, who would believe your word against mine?  see the case of 'suspects on' and the subsequent 'discipline' proceedings.

However, I was defending the officer you attempted to discipline - and we won!  Your case against the officer was undermined, the prosecution seen for what it was, a sham, an attempt to exercise your oppressive nature and bully a subordinate.  You are a bully and a coward.  You did not have the strength of character or decency to make your threats in public.  You went behind people's backs and operated in a sneaky manner.  

The moment your case looked shaky and your confidence was undermined, you resorted to overbearing behaviour; your uttered a threat.  Either the defence of the officer was curtailed or I would be transferred.  Larry, I do hope my actions spoke louder than your words - not only did we continue and the officer was found 'not guilty', your threat was brought to the attention of the presiding officer.

Your threat to have me transferred to the division you controlled because I had the audacity to stand up to you and defend a junior officer was never realised.  Sadly, you were never disciplined for your behaviour.

The Bermuda police service is a poorer place for your presence.  Those who serve under you have my sincere condolences.




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