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Bermuda Sun 2000-08-18  

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Cop in the dark over Mundy ‘deal’

THE SERIOUS Crimes Inquiry continued yesterday to explore what might have gone wrong in the bungled Rebecca Middleton murder case.

On the stand for the better part of yesterday’s session was Superintendent Victor Richmond, who recounted evidence collected during the Middleton investigation. He recounted eye-witness testimony about a black RC 100 motorcycle, with a cloth draped over its license plate, leaving the Ferry Reach Road area shortly after 3am on the morning of July 3, 1996.

Bloody knife: Supt. Richmond described how a “bloody knife” was recovered from the waters off the swing bridge in St. George’s in the days following the murder.  Supt. Richmond denied playing any part in any deal with Kirk Mundy, in which Mundy would admit to a lesser charge of being an accessory to the murder, in exchange for testimony against co-accused Justis Smith. (Forensic evidence subsequently rendered Mundy’s version of events bogus, which crippled the case against Smith).  

“I do not have the power to make deals,” Supt. Richmond said. “It was my duty to convey to the Attorney General what [Kirk Mundy’s lawyer] Mr. [Mark] Pettingill had told me.” When asked whether he thought a “deal was struck” with Mundy, He replied, “No sir. Mr. Pettingill was the only one who could have construed a deal.”

In hearings this week, the inquiry has heard what appear to be conflicting statements from lawyers, prosecutors and police over whether any such deal was struck.





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