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June 2007: Using the Royal Gazette's opinion page Mr Hall had the following to say about this site.  Julian's comments are in black bold below, comment appears in blue italics.  When reading, bear one thing in mind - at NO time has Julian Hall stated that the content of this site is untrue!

Julian's comments:

If you “google” the name “Julian Hall” to find out if there is any information on the world wide web about me or anyone else who bears my name, you will find thousands of “hits” attached to that name. For the past eight or more years, the very first of those thousands of hits will be reference to me.

  • No Julian, you come second.  At present (June 2007) The first person listed is a university professor from Edinburgh.

And it is not pleasant.

  • But you do not say it is untrue!

  • Much contained in this site was conveyed by third parties, such as Dexter Dillas who Julian represented.  Dillas was pleading not guilty until a tape of him 'confessing' was provided to the Court.  The tape transcript was produced in the Royal Gazette and can be found by clicking here and Dexter Dillas is reported to have said with regard to 'Hall' that " ...he used to clean up money for Marcos Cohab".  Marcus Cohab was a known drug dealer.

You will be directed to a website created by a British-born former Bermuda police officer who, having left the Police Force under something of a cloud, decided apparently to copy and to steal confidential documents relating to a criminal case in which I was once professionally involved and to use this website to conduct what can only be regarded as his own twisted personal vendetta against various senior Bermuda Police officers, including the current Commissioner Mr George Jackson, and (for reasons best known to him) myself.

  • 'British Born'? - what is the relevance of this Julian?  Would the content of this site be acceptable if the author were Bermudian, or possibly not a white person? 

  • left under 'something of a cloud - really?  According to the police (with whom it appears Julian has spoken - see below), the author resigned.  However, the author was forced to leave because the Bermuda police act inappropriately, they fail to comply with their own discipline code - the author was not permitted to address the petty concocted allegations made about him - click here to read more.

  • copy and steal? - well, well ... Julian Hall the once astute legal mind now making uniformed statements - prefixed with 'apparently' because he is unsure of his ground?  One only need refer to the papers 'leaked' about the BHC scandal to understand that there is a problem associating 'theft' with copy papers. There is another problem with Julian's assertion - many of the papers are in the public domain and many relate to a case presented at Court.

  • 'twisted personal vendetta' - just reporting and logging facts about the island's failure to investigate "the collapse of an investigation of what undoubtedly remains the largest and most serious crimes of conspiracy, drug trafficking, and money laundering ever conducted in the Bermuda Police Service" and information about the island's ineffective police service.

By innuendo and innuendo alone, the reader of this website will be invited to believe that I was somehow involved in the laundering of millions of dollars of drug money through Bermuda.

  • Innuendo?  Really?  As an example of the information provided on this the following is a statement made by an unconnected former senior police officer:

In a sworn affidavit former Superintendent in the Bermuda Police Force, George Rose, told the Supreme Court on November 19, 1993: “I upon oath informed the First Respondent that the Applicant practising law as a Barrister & Attorney (Julian Hall) from offices at the above address (the Emporium Building, Front Street).  I further informed the First Respondent that the police have in their possession statements that I have read and believe to be mainly truthful detailing the Applicant's money laundering activities on behalf of named drug traffickers.”  For more about this statement, click here.

  •  If the reader of this site is sufficiently competent and astute to undertake a search and find these pages, they are surely capable of reading the information  and reaching their own conclusion. In turn, the usually eloquent and persuasive Mr Hall will no doubt have practiced his 'defence'.  What has been posted is fact (hence the Bermuda authorities take no action). 

  • Laundering millions of dollars?  That is not what the correspondence relates to, the investigation related to the importation, distribution and use of cocaine.

Never mind that there is absolutely not one iota of substance or truth in the innuendo raised on this website concerning me. It is indeed innuendo, because none of it even rises to the level of actual allegation.

  • We refer you to the above statement "... the police have in their possession statements that I have read and believe to be mainly truthful detailing the Applicant's money laundering activities on behalf of named drug traffickers

Never mind that the official Bermuda Police logo and name appear on this bogus website, giving it the full appearance of authenticity.

  • The site is about the Bermuda police, posted by a former officer and the emblem displayed, the logo is taken from the officer's business card.  The site is clearly endorsed on over 300 pages that Bermuda.org.uk is not an official or authorised Bermuda police web site

Never mind that I have personally complained, with no effect, to successive Bermudian Police Commissioners (except the current incumbent Mr George Jackson, who himself is defamed on the website) and asked that action be taken against this former officer; or that, at the very least, he be prevented from using official Bermuda Police documents and the official Bermuda Police seal and logo in this way.

  • The Bermuda police, Attorney General and Governor's Office are very aware of this site.  The site posts facts and the Bermuda police cannot be trusted to investigate the content.  Evidence of this can be gleaned from a letter from a former Commissioner of Police to a former Governor, click on the icon below to read more:

  • The comments you will read about a virus on this site are absolute nonsense and confirm the incompetence of the Bermuda police and in turn the foolishness of the Commissioner.  Why would a protest site such as this, conveying concerns wish to deter people visiting?  Are the Bermuda police so ridiculously naive that they believe a major ISP would host this site and a virus?  Anyone who is associated with the document and accepts the content at face value is a deluded fool.

  • If Mr Hall takes issue with the content of this, the author is an easy person to contact and request modification - very page contains an e-mail link (below). Julian Hall has never approached this site seeking to have content altered or removed.

  • Defaming George Jackson, the current commissioner? You cannot attack the good name of a person if they do not have one.  A report in the Bermuda press stated that George had been referred to by a fellow police officer as the 'best of a bad bunch'; hardly a glowing endorsement.  George now finds himself the head of the constabulary at the time of what may well be their greatest embarrassment - the loss of a secret /  confidential file the subject of special security measures which named the island's premier as a suspect - click here to read more. George is not a competent individual, the Miranda enquiry was at one time headed by George - the case came to a grinding halt and many suspects were not pursued ... it's rather odd to see Julian Hall coming to the defence of George Jackson when the latter considered the former to be a suspect in the Miranda case to such an extent that George had the author of this site record a conversation between Julian and he ...

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