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October 2008: Former Attorney General, Philip Perinchief gives his opinion in the Royal Gazette newspaper about Julian Hall.  Click here to read more

June 2007: Julian Hall uses the BHC scandal to launch an attack against this site.  The BHC furore commenced when a file of secret / confidential papers was 'leaked' and some of the content was published to the internet.  What did Julian have to say and what of our response, click here to read more.

  Julian Hall, (Julian Ernest Sinclair Hall) a competent barrister in Bermuda was linked to two investigations appearing within these pages:

With regard to Miranda, the secret recording of Dexter Dillas made in a prison cell contains references to Julian, with regard to Hatherley, I raised a suspected association when Julian cross examined me during Hatherley's trial.

Some information associated with Julian's Court appearances is detailed below.  However the following was carried in the March 4. 2005 issue of the Bermuda Royal Gazette:

  • Jubilation as Hall is cleared

DISBARRED lawyer Julian Hall was found not guilty of five charges of stealing half a million dollars from a mentally ill client. The 55-year-old was tried before Chief Justice Richard Ground, accused of using a power of attorney over Betty Lorraine McMahon to steal $551,044 between November 1995 and February 1996. He admitted using $288,000 of his client's money in 1995 to pay back debts which would have rendered him bankrupt — a condition which would have prevented him from practising law in Bermuda — but said she had agreed to a short-term loan without documentation or a promissory note. A faulty microfilm machine at the Bermuda Commercial Bank left the prosecution unable to prove where Mrs. McMahon's money went after it was transferred into Mr. Hall's account there. The jury returned a unanimous verdict.

Julian Hall to stand trial for theft (see below and attached). 

It is anticipated that Julian Hall will stand trial for theft in March 2005. He is charged with five offences of stealing $551,044 between November 8, 1995 and February 20, 1996 from Betty Lorraine McMahon.

So is there sufficient evidence and / or will the police / Director of Public Prosecutions be sufficiently capable to secure a conviction of Julian?  We doubt is.

Julian is a plausible, eloquent, articulate, presentable, intelligent and very capable gentleman.  He has been linked to a number of investigations about which the writer has knowledge and appears frequently in this web site (see above). To the writer's knowledge, Julian has never been arrested in connection with the various investigations, let alone charged or convicted!  He is a formidable individual for the DPP to clash with in Court and we doubt Bermuda's public prosecutors are up to the job.  We shall see.

July 2002 (Royal Gazette)

Lawyer Hall denies theft

Local lawyer and ex-politician Julian Hall yesterday pleaded not guilty during the arraignments session in Supreme Court to stealing a total of $551,044.07.
It is alleged that between November 8, 1995 and February 20, 1996 Hall stole more than a half million dollars from widow Betty Loraine McMahon.
Hall of Foothills Road, Devonshire, was charged with five counts of stealing.
It is alleged that he stole $250,000 on November 8, 1995, $175,702.71 on November 20, 1995, $40,000 on January 8, 1996, $45,180.72 on January 24, 1996 and $40,160.64 on February 20, 1996.
Chief Justice Austin Ward extended Hall's bail and set a mention date for October 1. Hall was represented by lawyer Delroy Duncan.

June 2002

Lawyer to stand trial in Supreme Court

Lawyer Julian Hall will face prosecution in Supreme Court after Acting Senior Magistrate Carlisle Greaves ruled yesterday there was enough evidence to proceed with a charge of stealing more than half a million dollars.
Mr. Hall of Foothills Road, Devonshire, is charged with stealing $551,044 from Betty McMahon between November 1995 and February 1996, while he held the power of attorney to her estate.
Hall was given $100,000 bail with two like sureties to reappear for arraignments on August 5. Travel restrictions were lifted allowing Hall to go overseas for work until his trial comes up.
Hall was represented by Delroy Duncan while the prosecution was led by Crown counsel Vinette Graham-Allen.

15th March 2002

Julian Hall in court today
Lawyer Julian Hall is to appear in Magistrates Court this morning after being arrested on suspicion of stealing.
Magistrates’ court was told yesterday afternoon that Mr. Hall was unable to make it to a 2.30 p.m. hearing due to the fact that he was in King Edward VII Memorial Hospital.  Prosecutor Vinette Graham-Allen told the court that Mr. Hall was taken to hospital on Wednesday night after complaining of feeling unwell. He remained in hospital last night.  Once one of Bermuda’s top defence lawyers, Mr. Hall was arrested at a private residence in Devonshire on Wednesday morning on suspicion of stealing.

Julian is represented by Michael Scott - why not Trott or Duncan?

Michael John Scott born 28.03.50
"The Perch", 79 Mangrove Bay, Sandys MA 02E-mail: mscott@ibl.bm
Attorney with Browne, Scott & Associates Tel: 234-2732, Fax: 234-0312

Browne, Scott The Rosebank Building,12 Bermudiana Road, Hamilton HM 11 and The Perch, 79 Mangrove Bay Road, Sandys MA 02. E-mail mjscott@ibl.bm or jcunningham@firstmark.bm

I recall Michael as a second rate lawyer on the Magistrates circuit in Bermuda - if I remember correctly it was Magistrate John Judge who rebukes him when I was giving evidence.  Michel was mouthing 'liar' at me ... very mature.

Defending the (once) illustrious Mr Hall ... an interesting turn of events.  Nice to have the opportunity to include reference to an old (immature) opponent in this pages.  As I find it hard to believe the Bermuda police will be competent enough to present evidence against Julian, I suspect Michael will have an easy ride (no sexual connotation intended). 

Michael John Scott, was a PLP (Progressive Labour Party) candidate for Southampton West,  He is founder of his own Somerset legal practice Scott and Associates. Scott, was associated with Messrs. Browne and Wade Chambers, the law firm of two previous Leaders of the Opposition, and Messrs. Hall and Associates.

Apparently, he is a member of the Allen Temple AME Church in Sandys Parish and a member of the tenor section of the Allen Temple Senior Choir.

election 1998:Southampton West

UBP holds both seats

1. Pamela Gordon, UBP

2. David Dodwell, UBP

3. Michael Scott, PLP

Votes %

802 - 36.3

768 - 34.7

638 - 28.9

Michael Scott, the party's unsuccessful candidate in Southampton West, offered this sobering reflection: "It's a time for steady hands and lots of hard work. It's a time for conversions."

Thursday, March 14, 2002

Lawyer Julian Hall arrested

Lawyer and former Progressive Labour Party MP Julian Hall was in Police cells last night after being arrested yesterday morning on suspicion of stealing.
The Royal Gazette
understands that the attorney was arrested at a residence after arriving on the Island recently.
It is believed the arrest involves a lawsuit Mr. Hall lost in December 1997, when he was ordered to pay $1,609,740 – plus interest – to a former client of his, Betty Lorraine McMahon.
It is believed members of Bermuda Police's Commercial Crime Department spent yesterday interviewing Mr. Hall, once a top flight criminal lawyer who now lives overseas, at Hamilton Police station. Questioning is expected to continue today.
The civil lawsuit claimed that Mr. Hall, while acting as power of attorney to Mrs. McMahon's estate, obtained $1.6 million without lawful justification.
Mrs. McMahon was the widow of Canadian millionaire Frank McMahon, who died in 1986 at his Harbour Road, Paget, home.
Mr. McMahon had lived in Bermuda for 13 years before dying in his sleep aged 83.
Following the lawsuit, Mr. Hall's creditors became increasingly frustrated at the lengthy legal process they had to go through to try to recover their money. Mrs. McMahon's lawyer Alan Dunch eventually applied to have Mr. Hall declared bankrupt after accusing him of dodging his financial responsibilities.
Mr. Dunch said with interest accrued, Mr. Hall's debts were about $2 million. He was then declared bankrupt in January, 2000, which prohibited him from practising as a lawyer – with debts of $1.9 million and assets of $135,000.
At the start of 2000, he was ordered to submit a detailed statement of his financial affairs to the Supreme Court.

Saturday 6th March 2002

Julian Hall's court date

Lawyer Julian Hall will appear in court next week to set a date for a long form preliminary inquiry into allegations that he stole over $500,000.  Acting Senior Magistrate Carlisle Greaves told Mr. Hall of Foothills Road, Devonshire that he didn't want a long  drawn out hearing.  The mention is for next Friday. He is charged with stealing $551,044 from Betty McMahon between November 1996 and February 1996, while he was power of attorney to her estate.

'Bermuda Daily' - March 19, 2000

 Bankrupt former PLP MP and lawyer, Julian Hall faces possible arrest warrant after missing meeting with creditors.

January 2000

Julian Hall, a leading lawyer, declared bankrupt

Accused of dodging his responsibilities, Julian will be banned under the Bermuda Bar Act from practicing as a lawyer.  

Previously a Progressive Labour Party MP (shadow minister for justice), he had been ordered to pay a former client, $1.6 million plus interest.

Financial status:

Debts: $1,900,000

Assets: $135,000

The matter has dragged on for two years and the Court said 

"The document filed in court at the very last minute in the crudest of forms does not in my view abide by the order made by the court. To delay this matter any further would go beyond empathy for Mr. Hall and would lean towards complicity".

The Court granted the bankruptcy motion pursuant to rule 188 of the Bankruptcy rules is granted.  

It appears the Court in general considered the papers filed by Mr. Hall as inadequate, that very little information had been submitted about his financial affairs.  To quote the Court: 

"The one thing that is clear is that Mr. Hall, on his own admission, is hopelessly bankrupt.

The Royal Gazette reported: 

Mr. Hall did not appear in court. His lawyer, Michelle St. Jane, said: "I find myself without instructions. Mr. Hall asked me to appear today with a statement of affairs, but he has not turned up himself. That is all I can offer."

Assuming Mr. Hall still has his computer and his e-mail account has not been suspended / withdrawn, he can be contacted at:


Not the first time Julian has been mentioned in these pages.  A very competent Barrister, this is a sad state of affairs and a poor reflection on the Island.  

For more information visit the page dealing with:

State Police conversation transcript

In 1991 the author named Julian as being associated with the importation of 66lbs of cannabis.

Mr. Hall can previously be associated with Vaucrossen's chambers - during the 1990's Charles Vaucrossen was the subject of a Supreme Court trial and found guilty of offences relating to the use of client's funds.

Mr. Hall was formerly part of Hall, Trott and Duncan.  All that remain are Trott & Duncan, a law firm on the Island.  The company provides a background to their services on the web.  Absent on their page is any reference to the partners / solicitors / barristers.  The name of Julian Hall is nowhere to be found despite the previous association with this gentleman.  

Not surprisingly, there is no mention of the 1990 incident involving Miss Trapasso and Delroy Duncan's involvement (short lived).  Miss Trapasso's concerns can be found at 'September 1990'

 Having named Julian Hall as being associated witht he importation of 66lbs of cannabis in 1990, the Court adjourned for lunch.  Just before the Court reconvened, Delroy Duncan approached me and advised that I was a "dangerous man to know".

Only if you profit from crime Delroy.

At that time, Delroy was defending all those associated with the Miranda enquiry - the enquiry in respect of which the Bermuda police / Julian did a deal; we (the police) would not mention Julian's name being associated with the drug enquiry and he (the defence) would not mention the association of the head of Narcotic's, Dennis Ramsey, name being linked with the enquiry.

Julian did not defend the Miranda subjects, Delroy did.  

The deal not to mention Julian's name in association with the Miranda trial did not, to my knowledge, extend to the Hatherley trial (in which 66lbs of cannabis were imported).  Hence my associating Julian with the importation was not in breach of the deal. 

However, it appears Delroy was upset at this revelation which was reported in the local press.




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