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The following information has been received:

  • officer Roberts has allegedly been suspended

we have asked the Commissioner of police  if it is true:

  • the allegations have been made by a person keen to evade a murder charge

  • the officer is said the have escorted drug mules through the CAT (Civil Air Terminal - airport)

  • Officer Roberts has been suspended

  • the constabulary has yet to publicise details of a woman officer associated with the allegations who has also been suspended. 

  • If so, why keep this quiet if it is the constabulary’s intention to be seen as cleansing itself? 

  • Is it correct the Roberts enquiry has links to senior officers? 

  • How long before Roberts will be appearing in Court, or do the police intend to lose the case on an ‘abuse of process’ technicality and thereby enable Roberts to avoid disclosing all that he knows? 

  •  WPC Okina McGowan’s transfer from narcotics was linked to the Roberts investigation?

 we understand the investigation is being undertaken by Legay Farley, Chris Clarke, Ralph Furbert.  sadly, this give us no reason to be confident the enquiry will be pursued professionally or confidently; one only need consider the case of Angela Trapasso and Mr Farley's previous exploits.  Having said this, Mr Farley is likely to be the least incompetent of his peers - one only need consider his involvement in the 1990 Miranda investigation and the arrest of Angela Trapasso (using a false name); would you have let a prisoner remain in custody overnight without searching them?  Apparently this officer missed the fact that Miss Trapasso was carrying over $300,000!




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