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The system for dealing with prisoners who are brought into a police station is very straightforward; you inform the station officer.  The prisoners are the responsibility of the station officer, to an extent and he may be asked how many prisoners are in and will certainly want to know why.  For this reason the station officer must be informed when a new prisoner arrives; detaining persons unlawfully is to be avoided and ensuring they are dealt with promptly and not 'forgotten about' is essential.  The rule exists to protect everyone.  Failure to bring the addition of a prisoner to the attention of the station officer could constitute a neglect of duty, worse it could result in a formal complaint against all concerned by the prisoner. 

Some people in the Bermuda police service appeared to be above the rules, possibly of greater concern is the endorsement of their actions by senior Officers.

Again (much as in December 1987, which coincidentally involves PS Adams), I ask you to bear in mind that a pocket book is usually designed to record facts pertinent to an arrest (or similar), that it becomes necessary to make an entry to protect your job from fellow officers (Officers) should of concern to all.

Wednesday    10th February 1988    Book 4 page 1    

1600hrs    'B' watch gaoler (Hamilton Police Station).

1718hrs    PS Adams (66) (see photo) in with two prisoners and two officers, 1 x female.

I said "Has the station sergeant been informed about these two?"  PS 66 replied "I don't know, probably, we brought them in the front".  I said "But does he know they are here?"  PS 66 replied "I don't know, look I've had a bad enough day without your attitude.  I'm a sergeant young man, if I say book them in you do so.  Now just do your job, stop wasting my time".

I then telephoned, in the presence of pS66 to the front office.  The phone was answered by WPC Whitter.  I asked for PS 54 Donaldson and after a 15 second wait he took the phone and I asked "Do you know about the 2 prisoners that have just come in serge?"  PS 54 said "I'm just being told about them, wait a moment"  After 20 seconds PS54 said "Okay, you can book them in".  I said to PS66 "There's no problem, the sergeant knows".   I began to book in K Darrell Prisoners Property Register number 429.

PS66 said " Young man, do you understand em.  If I tell you to book them in you do just that.  I intend to be bringing in many more people, we can either have a good working relationship or not.  I intend to arrest plenty more criminals (I noted that the two prisoners arrested were Mr Darrell on a committal warrant and the other prisoner I know to be for drinking in a public place) and we will meet more often, so when I tell you to get on with your job you do it, do you understand me?  Now book him in.  You just do your job.  did you hear me, do you understand what I am saying?"

I replied "Yes, I understand but there are procedures".  PS66 replied "Yes, I tell you to do something and you do it, am I making myself clear".  PS66 continued ranting.  I telephoned on extension 292.  I spoke with Inspector Scotland who asked me to hold on 5 minutes as he was speaking with the Acting Officer in Charge of Central division (Inspector Tucker).   After a pause I said to Inspector Scotland "Sir, I am having a few problems with a sergeant here".  I had already told Inspector Scotland on the phone who I was and where.  He replied that he "knew who it was".  I put the phone down and PS66 glared at me then stormed out.  I could hear PS66 talking with Inspector Scotland about"not expecting that".  The words were unclear.

Both Inspector Scotland and PS66 returned to the gaol area.  Inspector Scotland said "What's the problem"  I was stood, I said "I was merely trying to point out .."  I was interrupted by Inspector Scotland who said "Do you see those stripes there?" he pointed to PS66's arm, "do you see them".  I said "yes".  Inspector Scotland said "And while we're about it, it's 'sir' to you, I earned these" he pointed to his epaulets (two stars denoting the rank of inspector).  Inspector Scotland continued "If this officer tells you to book someone in you do it, do you understand, he is a sergeant".  I said "I appreciate that sir, but ..."  Again I was interrupted by Inspector Scotland "The stations sergeant knew about the prisoners when they were brought in"  I said "No sir, I asked sergeant Adams, he was unsure so I called PS Donaldson .."  Again I was interrupted by Inspector Scotland "Who knew, he was on the phone".  I said "He was on the phone to me, I called him to ask if he knew, he didn't but was being told at that point..."   Once again Inspector Scotland interrupted "If sergeant Adams tells you to book someone in you do it from now on"  I said "Okay sir, but I thought he system .."  This time I was interrupted by PS66 who said "And another thing young man, I've 15 years service, I don't appreciate being spoken to in that manner by you in front of junior officers.  In future do as you're told, do you understand.  I replied "yes serge"

1815hrs    refs

1900hrs    Gaoler

2400hrs    off watch

Thursday    11th February 1988    Book 4 page 3

1600hrs    Pr. Leave 27-6  -   18-7 (9 - 10.5 con)

1620hrs    HA544 seen travelling west on Reid Street, open back, standing looking over the front of the vehicle, hands on cab roof.   Vehicle parked junction with Parliament St where I stood.  Went to vehicle.   tickets issued, plus 2 cautions: 1 - M637062 for failing to turn engine off on an unattended vehicle.  2 - M637070 for stopping as to interrupt traffic outside Demello's

1640hrs    To rear of town hall re youths ASNT (Area Searched No Trace).

1730    To HPS (Hamilton Police Station)

1800hrs    GH (Government House)

2000hrs    Refreshments

2115hrs    Beat 1 & 2 + 204

2400hrs     off watch

Friday    12th February 1988    Book 4 page 4    

1545hrs    GH

1800hrs    Refs

1900    return GH

2400hrs    off watch

Saturday    13th February 1988    Book 4 page 4

1545hrs    1 & 2 beats. Gaoler.  1 & 2 with 277

1800hrs    refs @ Barracks

1900hrs    Gaoler

2000hrs    ! & 2

2100hrs    to HPS then 1 & 2 + 271

2225hrs    Foot chase of Horse (Derek) Darrell from address on Tills Hill 10/6

2250hrs    ARREST - Rodney Leon Stanley BURT PPR (Prisoners Property Register) 465/88.  CRO 9744. 8800008565

On patrol East side of Court Street opposite Ewing Street saw BURT @ corner of Tills Hill & Ewing, waiting by lamppost, looking around.   Went to run-down premises on Tills Hill, looked about and entered.  Went to South Wall by window.  I heard shouting about "knocking" and banging of furniture being knocked over.  Mr Burt left with another.  Both stopped.   BURT was agitated and when questioned about noise began to shout.  I asked his name.  He replied "Steve".  I asked him about the dispute in the house and he began to walk off.  I stood in front of him and said "What's going on".  Mr BURT said "You going and find the fuck out for yourself".   I said "No, you tell me what occurred, why all the shouting?"

Mr BURT said "Get your white arse out of my way, I don't have to talk to you".  I attempted to question him further, he became aggressive shouting further abuse about our "fucking white arses".  I warned Mr BURT about his language.  He started to threaten physical violence and continued.  I arrested and cautioned Mr BURT, who replied "What do I care what you white arse do"

Sunday    14th February 1988    Book 4 page 6

1345hrs    Duty for P.C. Andy Boomer

1400hrs    Race Duty

1640hrs    Arrest    Charles Ambrose HARVEY of Happy Valley.  PPR 468 Drunk & Incapable.  E#8800008679, E#8800008677, C#800002729.  CRO 16161.

Seen in public toilets Union Street - Drunk.   Informed of complaint re noise and drinking.  Requested to leave, unable to do so, couldn't walk, collapsed onto bollard in car park.  Arrival of PC 109, Lifted to vehicle, cautioned and mumbled a reply.

1745hrs    posted U4 (vehicle patrol)

1900hrs    Tickets to Jamal TUCKER M637097 stop sign Court Street j/w North St.  M637097 defective helmet, M637119 no driver licence

2305hrs    vehicle found: Glebe Road j/w Bishop Spencer Rd 15180.  Measurements taken.  Vehicle in wrong lane facing N against E kerb.  Checked interior, key in ignition, stereo system on, handbrake off.   In 1st gear o/s window fully open, rear view mirror broken off and on floor.   Extensive frontal damage

0030hrs    off watch.






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