Old Questions

Exactly as we were advised (thank you for the tip-off), George Jackson and his entourage were in town and took some time to try and meet up with the now deputy Commissioner of Police, the author's former Inspector (narcotics) in London.  Despite having faxed George a list of questions, old and new, and  left a contact number with Inspector 'who ate all the pies' Minors, no call was received.  We sent a further fax, still no reply by Tuesday afternoon.  With George it's difficult to know whether this is ignorance or forgetfulness.

We therefore went to his hotel.  The staff were kind, we asked for the Bermuda interviews and the name George Jackson was volunteered; room 109, 5th floor.

The door to the interview room was ajar.  Not wishing to be rude, we knocked, received a reply and entered.  Unfortunately an interview was in progress.  We apologised for the intrusion and George was questioned about whether we minded if we photograph - no objection raised so we took a picture.  George's reaction was to say 'thank you'.  We were asked to leave and did so, seeking only to ascertain from George whether he would answer our questions when he could be seen and another photo was taken.

The simple questions appeared to give George a problem (not the first time he has experienced such difficulty) and it appears Mr Minors was called ... click on the thumbnails below to view a larger picture:

Having knocked and received a response, we enter to find an interview in progress. George Jackson with Joan Rogers(?)

We are aksed to leave by George, and do so

Having left, it would appear that the 'assistance' of Mr Minors is requested by George

When not staring, Mr Minors 'spreads them' - seeking to stop us entering a room that we have just left?

The  best Mr Minors could do was to lean against the door; he appeared to be getting his breath back having just walked the 50 yard corridor. 

We attempted to speak with George through the door to ascertain whether he would be answering questions, we were a little more specific - we were interested in his use of a blank search warrant during an enquiry.  No reply. 

Inspector Minors appeared to believe he was back in Bermuda - we had no right to speak.  However, only seconds later in a U turn that George Jackson would be proud of, he agreed we did have a right.  Possibly advising him that we were recording the conversation ensured he had a change of heart - amazing what an effect that can have on a Bermuda Police officer's honesty and behaviour!  Free speech, human rights ... mean anything Mr Minors?   You are not in Bermuda now and I'm not a constable who can be intimidated and bullied by a senior officer!  I see the quality of officer / employee has not changed.

We continued in our attempts to speak with George but he appeared to be on the phone ... to the police?  We too phoned, speaking to New Scotland Yard.

When the police arrived, it appears facts were misrepresented.  There was subsequently mention of violence by , someone had called 'urgent assistance'?  Really, so who was misrepresenting the facts - the hotel staff, Bermuda Police of the Metropolitan police?  An investigation is ongoing - more can be learned at 'attacks on this site'. .

As for our removal from the hotel - this was the extent of police activity at the scene.  No offences committed by us (of course not), we were free to go.  Odd, someone alleged an offence earlier.  Furthermore, the Met' police were a little too enthusiastic in siding with George / Bermuda and a little over zealous in their removal.  They are now the subject of a substantial complaint ...

George appears to forget ...  act logically, legally, decisively and cautiously.  We have no fear of bullies (in Bermuda or the Met).  We may not be supported by numbers, our resources may be slight but we are not cowards.  A risk was taken, it was a calculated risk and all that could done to protect our position was done - we remained reasonable and polite but most of all, true to our past ... we tape recorded the proceedings.

apologies to our readers who wish to know more about:

  • George's knowledge of the blank, signed search warrants
  • The disappearance of the report on the Miranda enquiry submitted to the Serious Crime Commission
  • George's son's association with narcotics
  • The alleged misrepresentation of accommodation to lure UK officers

see 'questions' - it appears we will have to wait for answers.

Watch this space, the above is just the beginning.




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