Interpol '87




Interpol '87

By 1987, the prisoner arrested and convicted using the name 'PUGA' had yet to be identified and the following was sent to Ecuador:

wpe7.gif (15598 bytes)

Translated the above reads:

The person mentioned above is the subject of a blue notice I.C.P.O. 1899/86, Control B-59/10-1986 (copy attached) and continues imprisoned in Bermuda due to narcotic violations.

Interpol Bermuda are trying to investigate his personal details, such as his name PUGA, Marco Tulio, and all his documents are fake.

The subject declares that he would like to co-operate with the Bermuda authorities and has given personal details, that he alleges are correct.

He has given the name MARMALEJO, Victor Javier, born on 20th April 1963 in Esmeralda, Ecuador. All his details, finger prints and photographs have been given in a way of identification.

Could you investigate with the relevant authorities to determine if the given details are correct to try and determine this person’s nationality

With the usual speed of interpol, a reply to this request of October 1997 was received ... in April 1988:

wpe8.gif (16070 bytes)

Translated the above reads:

Text: According to the reference asked by your MPC (Dispatch Letter), I would like to inform you that the National Police archives have been examined and PUGA MARCO TULIO, VICTOR JAVIER MARMOLEJO does not register (holds) any criminal records against him. The National Documentation and Identification Office informs that there is no index finger card of the above mentioned citizen.

For details on the deportation of 'PUGA' see 'Deport Puga'




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