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December 2004 George Jackson is in the UK to recruit - it would appear however that he is willing to ask the questions, but desperate to avoid answering ours!
July 2004:  Senior Magistrate Archibald Warner came out with guns blazing yesterday as he acquitted a policeman of “desertion” and called for a commission to investigate Police Service’s treatment of crime suspects
WARNING: before applying to join the police 'service', ask yourself why officers would wish to desert the constabulary and why the police would seek to prosecute such people in a criminal Court Reports to consider:

1. Police Moral
2. Back-stabbing
3. shocked by conditions

4. Desertion from the police
5. Support

Judging by the number of e-mails we receive on the subject, there are plenty of people who would like to consider joining the Bermuda police service.  I suspect that search engines have led you to this site.  We are pleased to receive the visitors and will supply information about recruitment below.  However, we would urge you to read the content of this page (and site) and for further information click here. Please also read 'applications' (left) before e-mailing this site.
If you joined a police service to 'make a difference', Bermuda is not for you.  If you are English and have some experience of crime / investigation, you will pose a threat to those with whom you work; they will be unable to compete on a level playing field.  Your initiatives will be undermined (or poached), imagination is stifled and your enthusiasm punished.  At worst, you will be subverted and betrayed.  You will not know who to trust (no one is the best advice) and you will be the subject of disciplinary proceedings if the slightest opportunity arises.

On the other hand, if you wish to spend a few years (the rest of your life?) on a semi-tropical island, the occupants of which are, in the main, friendly and personable, please apply. However, do bear in mind that the positions being offered are generally on fixed term contracts, normally of 3 years. 

The following I believe to apply, but it has been some years since my recruitment.  The best source of information is police headquarters to from whom you should request information and why not, at the same time, send a C.V. (resume) asking that they hold it on file in the event of a requirement for staff.  Letters should be addressed to:

The Personnel Department
Police Headquarters
P.O.B. 530
Hamilton HMCX
You could also try the police Public Relations office:  If you are provided another e-mail address, please let me know by e-mail:
With regard to eligibility, if you are not a Bermudian, or married to a Bermudian, ask your self the following questions:
1 Are you male? yes / no
2 Have you served at least five* years in a police service? yes / no
3 Are you under 25? yes / no
4 Are you single? yes / no

*many thanks to the gentleman who corrected me on this - it used to be less.

Contract were for two years, being extended to 5, then 8.  A 2004 article in the Bermuda Sun clarifies the situation - contracts are for 5 years After '8' you become 'permanent and pensionable', which effectively means you are in for life and if you leave the pension contributions you have made are not refunded to you (which occurs when you leave with less than 8 years service).

If anyone else can provide up to date information (which I suspect has not changed) please let me know.




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