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Dwight Hatherley et al

An investigation involving the importation of 66lbs of cannabis in two televisions in March 1990.  My6 statement (see link left) should give an overview of the enquiry.

I returned to Bermuda in 1991 to give evidence in the Miranda trial (Supreme Court #1).  Having done so, I was required to give evidence in Dwight Hatherley's trial, being heard in Supreme Court # 3.

Before giving my evidence in the Miranda case I was advised, by a Bermuda police officer, that a deal had been struck; the defence would not mention Detective Chief Inspector Ramsey's involvement in the Miranda enquiry if the prosecution did not mention Julian Hall's association.  Mr Hall was not representing Miranda or his associates, this task was being undertaken by Delroy Duncan.  

I was effectively 'gagged' in the Miranda trial.

Dwight was represented at Court by Julian Hall.  I gave my evidence shortly before lunch and was cross-examined by Julian Hall.  There were the usual questions about the events leading up to the arrest but I was then accused of not permitting Dwight access to legal representation.  This I denied strongly.

Julian would not let it lie, reiterating that his client had not been afforded legal council and that I had prevented this.  I informed Julian that this was not what occurred.  The line of questioning continued and I pointed out the effort I went to in order to ensure Dwight had access to a lawyer.  On a number of occasions I had permitted Dwight access to a phone and he called Julian Hall's offices.  On each occasion Julian was unavailable.  Messages were left but not returned.

Eventually, I had Dwight call Julian.  He was unavailable.  I called immediately after this and asked to speak to Julian.  On advising who I was, I was put through immediately and spoke to Julian informing him that Mr Hatherley wished to discuss his arrest.

This was disclosed to the jury as I was cross-examined by Julian.  His response was state that my comments were untrue and to ask why he would react in such a way.  I was concerned about giving a full, frank answer to the Court and sought the Judge's permission before doing so.  Having been directed by the Judge to answer the question I informed the Court:

It was my understanding Julain wished to distance himself from Dwight Hatherley because he, Julian Hall, was involved in the importation.

Julian immediately denied this and the Judge considered it a good time to break for lunch.  My cross-examination had hardly begun and I was to return at 2pm that day for the questions to recommence.

Shortly before 2pm I returned to the Court.  I was surprised to see Delroy Duncan appear (he was defending in Court #3, in a different building on the street).  It was evident someone had conveyed to Delroy Duncan (then, I believe of Hall, Duncan & Trott solicitors) the events in the Court.  Delroy's only comment was to advise that I was a 'very dangerous man', after which he left.





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