Hall linked to drugs



The Royal Gazette Thursday, May 23, 1991

Suggestion lawyer was linked to drug scheme

Suggestions were yesterday made linking defence lawyer Julian Hall MP to a $1 million drug importation, a Supreme Court jury heard.

Former narcotics officer Philip Swift said it was his information that Mr. Hall was somehow involved with the cannabis importation, alleged to have been carried out by the defendants Jason John Harvey and Dwight Leroy Hatherley.  Swift said he attempted to contact Mr. Hall himself, after attempts y Hatherley were unsuccessful.

"The implication received was that you didn't want to speak to Hatherley and there was a suggestion that the reason was because you were involved with the importation," Swift told Mr. hall, who is defending Hatherley.

Swift was testifying in the case against the two Bermudan men, who are jointly accused of smuggling more than 60lbs of cannabis to the island inside two 26-inch televisions.

Comment: the jury obviously considered the fate of their Countrymen carefully and no doubt this involved the evidence I gave.  Dwight Hatherley was found guilty and sentenced to 6 years imprisonment.




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