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Killer may have left the Island - claim

By Karen Smith
The Royal Gazette Ltd

Bermuda, July 19, 2000

One of the best friends of murdered Glen Calvin Wolffe said last night that he believed his killer had left the Island.

The man, who did not wish to be named, said he feared detectives would never find the person who butchered Mr. Wolffe in his Sandy's home last November.

Police revealed this week that, despite a $10,000 reward, they had received little information on the murder.

They continue to believe that the murderer is being shielded by people in Bermuda, who, for whatever reason, have decided to withhold information and not help with the inquiry.

But Mr. Wolffe's friend said: "I doubt that they will ever find who did it. I hope they will, but I fear they won't."

He added: "I'm very disappointed that nobody has come forward with information. I thought the reward might have made people talk.

The senior detective leading the investigation, Detective Chief Inspector Carlton Adams, has vowed to continue with the case until the killer is brought before the courts, but last night would say nothing on whether he believed the killer was on or off the Island.

Anyone with information about the murder should call Police on 299-4315 or, alternatively, Crime Stoppers, where they can report details anonymously, on 1-800-623-8477.


Oh dear - not only have they made Carlton 'socky' Adams a DCI, they've given him some responsibility in investigations, though possibly he acts as a figure head or mouth-piece for the press.  

Mr Adams is not to be trusted, a bully and incompetent.  Associate him with you investigations at your own peril but evidence of his dishonesty can be found at 'know thy enemy' - Mr Adams is a liar, so how do you know he is telling he truth now?  He must be a defence Barrister's gift!

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