November 2003
George, judging by the amount of e-mails on the subject there is some concern about what you are paying for your police accommodation.  No doubt the concerns and questions being expressed result from the attempts to 'evict' recruits in accommodation. enquires continue ...

January 2003
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The leaders
Ask your self a question ... if George Jackson was liked and respected as Deputy Commissioner of Police on the islands of Bermuda, would have been notified of his whereabouts and activities?

questions we would like answered ... received information that George Jackson was in the UK interviewing potential new recruits.  It would appear that whilst George, the former head of the island's narcotics department and now the second highest ranking officer on the island, is in the UK  his son, Andrew Jackson recently linked to the possession of narcotics remains in Bermuda.

George, when did you first know of your son's association with narcotics?

20th Jan 2003: Andrew Jackson, the son of Deputy Police Commissioner George Jackson – is being punished for cannabis possession, The Royal Gazette has learned. caught up with George on January 27th in England  where he is undertaking interviews of potential recruits,  returning to Bermuda Thursday 30th January.  The interviews are being conducted where George is staying:

George, what will you do if you son does not disclose the supplier of the drugs?

Holiday Inn London Mayfair
3 Berkeley Street

Tel: (020) 74938282
Fax: (020) 76292827


George, what are you going to do about your son's involvement with drugs on your return to ensure a good example is set?

The initial contact with George met with a reasonable response, the request by for information was answered:

George, why is the matter  to be the subject of a regimental enquiry only?

If you wish to speak to me face to face you can do so


George, what will you do to ensure your son does not associate himself with narcotics in the future?

however, when asked when would be convenient, George  responded 'not today' and asked that we call tomorrow.  However, when seeking a convenient time for us to call, the question appeared to to difficult, George hung up.

Another call was made to George, to ascertain when would be convenient to meet with him.  On this occasion the call was taken by a woman understood to be Miss Rogers, of the Human Resources department Bermuda. Unfortunately, although also engaged in interviewing, she did not know when George would come free.  Despite asking when would be a good time to call back, we could only obtain a 'couldn’t tell you, probably late this afternoon'.

We attempted to be helpful, seeking a suitable time to speak.  George then continued the conversation and it became evident that despite the lapse of 12 years he had not changed; the same old blunt bully who has trouble thinking on his feet.  We were not spoken to, we were spoken at, George obviously believes his word is the law and has trouble thinking before he speaks.  the response was as follows:
He wished to tell the caller two things:

1. firstly and most importantly he did not appreciate being disturbed
2. secondly, if the caller had anything to ask, we should go through a solicitor

He then added (a third thing - George having difficulty counting beyond two?):

 "do not call me back or else I’ll have a complaint lodged against you"

George, make your complaint.  Do you really believe that anyone  is interested in your own self-importance?  We are waiting to be contacted following your complaint George; we remind you that we have called back;  twice!  We are calling your bluff George, in fact we are doing more; we demonstrating your childishness, your stupidity.
Is it that you were just shooting your mouth off; the George no-action Jackson of old whose best or only defence is to threaten?  George, you are supposed to be a policeman of some experience.  Just what complaint are you going to make - do you have any idea about the law or are you just playing at being a policeman?
As for a solicitor, kindly think before you speak George.  There is no requirement for me to use a solicitor.  I am entitled to ask you questions.  I suspect this is a case of you saying something to impress your peers or because, to you, it sounds clever.  It is not clever, nor are you.  As evidenced by that comment, you are a fool, the court jester of the Bermuda police circle.  George, if you do not wish to speak, or are unable to do so, then you of course may appoint a solicitor to handle the issues on your behalf.  We are more than competent and capable of asking questions; we do not need others to speak on our behalf.  It was a silly comment George.

I would not be subjected to your blinkered, loud attempts at intimidation whilst I served in the Bermuda police service, do you think that I now have the least respect for you, believe you know what you are taking about or will be influenced by you? Grow up George, you are not in Bermuda now - you cannot rely on your oppressive conduct here.

George, you are the one who suggested a meeting; you are being telephoned, following you own comment, to arrange the meeting.  It appears you have a big, fast mouth and that you put your foot squarely in it.  You have offered a meeting; on reflection have you realised that it is not wise, that you are not bright enough to survive a face to face interview so you choose to duck it?
As for your entourage; Miss Rogers did her best to fend off a telephone call and it was sweet of you to step in and come to her aid. I trust you will be adequately thanked for such gallantry. 
Mike Jackman appears to be an unnecessary expense; he is not involved in the interviews but is accompanying you for administration purposes.  Why? 




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