F.S.I. A/2, First Schedule Discipline Code, states:

"3.(1) Whenever a Divisional Officer receives a report, complaint or allegation as to the conduct of a Police Officer in his division which tends to disclose the commission of an offence against discipline, he shall appoint an Investigating officer of the rank of sergeant or above to investigate and report upon the facts."

Either a report has, or has not, been submitted against me.  For the Commissioner to take such a conclusive course, an allegation or adverse report of a critical nature must have been submitted and yet I know nothing of it.

According to F.S.I. A/4(13) the following applies:

"13. Reports of an adverse nature submitted against a member of the service must be brought to the attention of the member, who should initial as having seen, before such report is admitted to his personnel file."

The reports that caused my contract to be terminated will not bear my initial because, as stated, I have never been made aware of them.

Also of note is F.S.I. A/2 First Schedule Discipline Code:

"2. Insubordination or oppressive conduct, that is to say, if a police Officer;

(b) is guilty of oppressive or tyrannical conduct towards an inferior rank; or

(c) wilfully or negligently makes a false complaint or statement against any Police Officer; or

(f) improperly withholds any reports or allegation against any police officer."




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