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Bermuda Free Speech forum post December 2005:

Why all the commiseration, look on the bright side.  Are you not to be shot of Carlton ‘clueless’ Adams and Mr Malicious, Larry Smith?  As for Jon-boy Smith, his seat is well polished and no one will need to poke him with a sharp stick to see if he’s still with us.  Time to rejoice.

No matter what you say about George, he’ should be an ‘interesting’ chap to have in charge.  I see fascinating times ahead and I apologise if this sounds glib; I appreciate I am not going to suffer directly from the new appointment.

Less of this sitting on fences and keeping mum about your expectations of George, go out on limb.  I suspect extremes – we’ll either see someone with ‘thumb up bum’ or an attempt at decision-making.  George could actually redeem himself; despite my dislike of the man (the lack of support I received from him was not something I had encountered in a police service before) I‘d give him credit if he attempted to address issues.  Errors made in good faith, with good intentions are forgivable.  

Is anyone running a sweep on his first major faux pas?  Will his anger get the better of him sooner or later?  “Brain to mouth, receiving over?”  Oh the fond memories of teasing George, ask him a question and then while he’s answering ask something else and watch him drift.  I kid you not; the train of thought was powered by steam.  A word of advice to anyone he’s berating; ask him something during his ‘speech’.  Wind him up and watch him go.

It should come as no surprise that on the day George (no action) Jackson is appointed as the Chief of Police, it is announced that Bermuda are to appoint a top UK cop to handle Narcotics and Intelligence as Government continues its clampdown on drugs.

It appears someone has the mark of George; intelligence is not his forte.  As for drugs and crime, presumably he’s had just enough of this at home, without having to face the problems when he gets to work?

As an aside, does anyone know why it should be a top UK cop?  Why not one from the USA (as an example)?

Whom will they now appoint to investigate George’s debacle in London during December last year?  The UK investigation continues and it appears someone in Bermuda have been misleading the UK officers; at least 7 London cops are currently the subject of an investigation as a result of the incident.   Who will eventually reopen the investigation into the abuse of search warrants during George’s reign of narco’ in 1990?  I must dig out the Wellman file.

Possibly Coggie Gibbons at the Bda Sun who once wrote that he knew of those within the Bermuda Police Farce who ‘subverted and betrayed’, will make a first hand comment in the newspaper?  Coggie also worked with George in Narco’. 

The RG’s quote from a serving middle rank officer says it all; the choice of new Commissioner was “fairly limited” and Mr. Jackson was the “best of a bad bunch”.  There’s nothing like a good start for the new boy and this is just that – nothing like a good start!  Will someone please define ‘bad’ (as in ‘bad bunch’) because coming from an Officer this is a little disconcerting.  What does he know that we do not? 

I must be brief, I have a web site to amend – had it been anyone other than no-action Jackson or nice-but-dim Sinky, I’d have been stuck for reminiscences, anecdotes and hard facts. 

All that is left for me is to wish you well and offer my condolences to all those decent, hard working and competent officers who must be wondering what they did to deserve this.

Actually, it’s worth me mentioning just one last thing …

THANK YOU GEORGE; had it not been for your disobedience, your failure to comply with the direct order of the then Commissioner of Police (Clive Donald) that I was NOT to return to narco’, I would never have secured the evidence that is now posted on the site.  Possibly your behaviour was a kindness, a repayment for the leg-up I gave you by ensuring the old head of narco, Dennis Ramsey was placed on gardening leave and eventually removed enabling you that slot?  No, it was just stupidity!

Here’s to the interesting times ahead! 

Time to break out the Goslings (since 1806) Black Seal 151 that I keep for such moments, there’s too few of them as evidenced by the 25.4fl oz bottle being overly full.




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