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Operation 'Flogger'

In February 1990, an informant provided information which enabled the following search warrants to be issued on 7th March 1990:

  1. Thaddeus Ted Rudolph Ming, Crown Hill, Southampton
  2. Dexter Edmund Dillas, Crown Hill, Southampton
  3. Henry Edward Albert Turner, Crown Hill, Southampton

The warrants had been obtained by the same officer and all were signed by the same Justice of the Peace (see 'blank warrant').

The intelligence was submitted 26th February 1990 under reference 15/90 and dealt with 'very reliable' information concerning the activities of three parties (not all those detailed above).  It was said that narcotics had been sold over the wall on Lighthouse Lane to passing motorists.

Dexter Dillas lived in an apartment which was searched on 23rd March 1989.  Apparently, local gossip had it that heroin worth $40,000 was flushed before access was gained.  Apparently, the house has been remodeled on the inside and the informant states that there are two staircases which link the 2 apartments and they are concealed behind closet walls.

The informant was a Bermudan who continues to reside on the Island. 

In March 1993, a Bermuda newspaper carried a story about a cover-up claim in a US murder trial.  The Astbury Park Press reported the story and the allegation a 27 year old Cuban ordered the 'hit' because Miss Deborah Owens had threatened to expose the Bermuda operation and co-operate with Bermuda authorities in the prosecution of its members

The full press story will follow, to include a letter written by a serving DEA agent about the 'problems' surrounding the case.  However, Miss Owens had nothing to do with our enquiry, the arrests followed information through the Bermudan whose details remain known to less than a handful of officers.

'Flogger' resulted in attention being paid to the Crown Hill property:

A map and aerial photograph accompanied the report:



The information resulted in a raid on an apartment however, the occupants had vacated the premises not long before the arrival of officers.   All that remained was the contents of a bin which comprised sheets of paper which had been torn up and discarded.  When each of these were reconstructed the contents were found to be a break-down of the moneys in various parties possession.  Each person was identified by a nick-name i.e. 'nail' (finger nail ?) and the funds associated with each were detailed in the tens of thousands of dollars.





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