We, the investigators in Bermuda, had a good relationship with the US Authorities.  The Miranda case had been progressing nicely until mention of the head of the Narcotics department and a Barrister being involved.  Understandably, things then went wrong.  Unfortunately, it affected everyone, not just me (resulting in the termination of my service).  It will be evident that, despite my demise in August 1990, I continued to assist the US, where possible.  I received the following letter, from a serving US Officer, on FBI stationary ...   

Dear Phil,
Glad to hear you're enjoying Kenya, hope all is going well.  I appreciate your letters, also I received your exhibit list, it's a real help.  I guess I'll start with the good news.  About 3 weeks ago I got a call from a DEA agent in Wisconsin.   Turns out they had an undercover deal going with Rayborn Hendrix, Victor Alongi's friend.  Rayborn negotiated to sell the agents 5 kilograms of cocaine.  A one kilo sample came to Wisconsin from Miami.  Guess who was the courier, Debra Burns, the female that Victor used to deliver to in Bermuda when Marcus first sent Victor there.   Debra Burns was the go-between for David and Anthony Stoneham and Marcus.  The agents in Wisconsin were able to arrest Debra without arresting Rayborn, used a ruse that she was taken off on a profile stop.  The undercover agents continued to negotiate with Rayborn.  They finally took Rayborn off quietly, convincing him to cooperate.   He identified his source of supply as Marcus Cohab. 

Believe this, Marcus was arranging deals from the State Jail in Florida.

Rayborn introduced the agents to Marcus over the phone, Marcus invited them to Florida to pick up 5 kilos, Marcus would make all the arrangements.  The agents discovered that Marcus was a target and notified us.

On 28th January 1991, agents went to Florida.   We talked to Marcus in gaol who arranged for the 5 kilos to be delivered.   Guess who helped over the phone to arrange the deal on a three way line, right it was Liset.  They wanted to do one kilo at a time.  Liset's little brother and another guy delivered one kilo to the hotel.  They were both arrested.

We got an arrest warrant for Liset.  She was arrested in Florida yesterday (8th February 1991) and waiting to come to Wisconsin.   Also the guy with Liset's brother turned out to be 17 years old and will be held in Florida on State charges.

Hopefully, this may convince Marcus to cooperate and expose the Bermuda connection.  Debra Burns refuses to cooperate right now, she doesn't know how much we have on her.  She'll be surprised when she discovers Victor is cooperating and can surely hurt her bad.  Hopefully, she'll come around and cooperate on the Bermuda connection.  I'm sure she knows everyone involved in Bermuda.

Also we debriefed Rayborn who stated that Marcus wanted him to go to Bermuda to set up shop.  Marcus advised Rayborn that if he (Rayborn) was ever arrested that everything would be taken care of. 

Now for the bad news.  Monmouth County, the guys investigating the murder are really making things difficult.  They're not cooperating in any way with the drug investigation.  They've gone as far as threatening to file charges against us for interfering in a murder investigation, imagine their investigation, can you believe it.  They say we're telling Angela and Victor not to cooperate with them.  We gave them the whole case on a silver platter, solved their murder.

I'm afraid their case for the murder is really falling apart.  In my years of law enforcement I've never seen anyone screw up a good case in so short a time as they have, and for what, because of bullshit jealousy I guess, I can't imagine any other reason.  They could care less about the drugs case in the US or Bermuda.

Next on the list is Bermuda.  They still refuse to allow Angela or Seney to come to the US to testify until the Bermuda case is over and their either plead guilty or are found guilty.  Because of this Donna is reluctant to indict Federally in New Jersey.  With all the evidence we have she still won't indict.  The only bright star is the US Attorney in Wisconsin.  It looks as though he might have the whole case there Federally, possibly even the murder for a Federal death penalty case.  He agrees there's more than enough evidence.

We have Victor, you, your DS and now Rayborn.   Hopefully, Angela and Seney too, with all that we can't loose.  We have about 10 full length cassette tapes with Marcus setting up the deal in jail with Liset and the agents from Wisconsin.  This would make a good mini-series or television.

By now I'm sure you will have deduced that I'm not fully happy with this case.  But then you can surely understand with all that's happened to you and your DS too, they are really trying to push him out too it seems.

George Jackson was getting quite headstrong there for a while but it seems that with Ramsey out and the new Inspector in has put a damper on him a bit.  I know George was making hard on your DS.

Well, I hope I didn't bore you too much.   I'll keep you abreast of events.





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