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June 2007 - Leaked to the Bermuda Press:

As reported in the Bermuda press:

"a 'damaging dossier' consisting of thousands of pages of confidential interviews,
progress reports, internal e-mails and other incriminating documents
such as bank statements, many stamped ‘Confidential’ or ‘Secret

Following the leak, it has been reported that Brown has refused to answer questions about his involvement and members of his party have called for his resignation - click here to read more. Mr Brown claims to have been 'exonerated' following the original police investigation but we question whether he understands the meaning of the word:

  • Exonerated: absolved, freed from any question of guilt

It appears that the Premier Brown is far from exonerated, he is a suspect and it appears that he has never been excluded as a suspect by the police because they failed to interview him and obtain information ergo, Premier Ewart Brown remains a suspect. In the parlance of criminal justice, a suspect is a term used to refer to a person, known or unknown, suspected of committing a crime. A suspect is not a person who is removed from any suspicion of guilt; just the opposite is the case!

If Mr Brown wishes to avoid being the Suspect Premier, we would suggest he offer himself up for interview just as soon as possible. But it does not appear this is something he will do willing so, now the cat is out of the bag and the suspect Ewart is named, it is hoped that the police will no longer be reluctant to approach the island's leader for an explanation because it appears Ewart is not about to volunteer information (se Royal Gazette 22nd June 2007). It appears our questions are to be ignored - click here to read the list presented.

The documents showed that detectives suspected that offences involving Government Ministers occurred at the BHC quango in a scandal that was labelled ‘Bermuda’s Enron’. Apparently, the documents show that detectives believed there were “reasonable grounds to suspect” that offences involving Government Ministers occurred and officers apparently considered bringing Conspiracy to Defraud and Official Corruption charges against Ewart Brown contrary to Sections 393 and 111 of the Criminal Code. read more here.

Ewart Brown is the Country's Premier, their 'president' or 'prime minister' i.e. the highest ranking politicians on the island, the leader of the party currently in office, the PLP - Progressive Labour Party.  As Premier, Dr. Ewart Brown now earns $72,286 per annum as Premier, the current MP's salary of $50,000 per annum as a Member of Parliament and $162,000 per annum per Ministry as a full-time Minister of both Tourism and Transport Ministers' cars are provided free as one of their perks, with an unlimited gas (petrol) allowance, a large Peugeot. Their other benefits include calls made from home, credit card for overseas travel, health insurance, generous pension

Brown has been named in leaked police report which, at present appears to have more people asking 'who leaked the document' than 'was there sufficient evidence to prosecute Mr Brown?.  In turn one questions who will be more embarrassed; the islander's leader or the Bermuda police? However, a 'top cop' has apparently vowed to find the leak  . .. apparently stating "every stone will be turned to establish who, how and why anyone would want to discredit the Service and the people of Bermuda in such a vile manner" read more about the leak here

Apparently, Brown labelled the Mid-Ocean reports defamatory, and said he has taken legal advice over serious allegations made about him. It is also reported that the Premier made a controversial threat to cut ties with Governor Sir John Vereker over what he alleged was a failure to act in advance of the articles.

It was subsequently report that the Auditor General had the documents (or at least copies) thousands of them

The reports appearing in the press allege that Brown:

  1. was present at a number of clandestine meetings in which the BHC boss was ordered to purchase Dr. Brown’s North Shore Road, Flatts property at a cost to the taxpayer of around $500,00 — well above the market rate, the property apparently being worth no more than $330,000 at the time. read more here. Dr. Brown hired Trott and Duncan solicitors to represent him in the deal.

  2. did not pay a $150,000 bill for renovation work carried out by BHC on the Flatts property before it was sold.read more here.

  3. Was in line to receive financial rewards from a business associate and construction boss Zane DeSilva who was planning to broker a deal with Government involving the shipment of asbestos to Cuba.read more here

  4. was the subject of rumours, followed up by the police, that he awarded a Government contract to Mr. DeSilva in return for “financial considerations”.

  5. was the subject of reports alleging that he received antique cedar beams, removed from the St. George’s post office and installed in his newly-built A.P. Owen Road home.

Other lines of inquiry pursued by the Police, outlined in the documents are detailedd in the Royal Gazette article read more here.

BUT ... no charges followed, other than in respect of Terrence Smith.  For more information about the investigation, click here

Brown, Dr Ewart
Premier of Bermuda,
PLP MP and Physician.

He was 60 in 2006, married, three children with a previous wife, a physician. Born in 1946, he is the son of the late Ewart and Helen Brown of Flatts. He represented Bermuda in the 400 and 1400 meter relays at the (British) Commonwealth Games in 1966. He graduated from Howard University with a B.Sc in Chemistry and an MD. He earned an MPH from the University of California, Los Angeles. He spent many years as a medical doctor at Vermont-Century Medical Clinic in Los Angeles. He became an American by residence years ago. He was first elected to the House of Assembly in 1993. He became Transport Minister in 1998 when the PLP was first elected to power. He was elected Deputy Premier in 2003 when Mr. Scott instead of himself became Premier in a keenly fought contest, He was appointed Tourism Minister in 2004 after Renee Webb resigned

The Cabinet Office, 105 Front Street, Hamilton HM12.
Tel: 292-5501
Fax: 292-8397.

Surgery: 19 The Lane, Paget PG 05.
Tel: 238-CARE
Fax: 236-2835.

BSc, MD Howard, MPH UCLA; Diplomate, American Bd of Family Education. Med Dir, Bda Healthcare Svcs. Minister of Tourism and Transportation, Global House, 43 Church Street, Hamilton HM 12.
Tel: 295-3130
Fax: 295-1013.

4 children. Hobbies: exercise, swimming, table tennis.  

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