Insp. Letter
Seizure Report


Circumstantial evidence is as good as worthless, not sufficient to prove actions even 'on the balance of probabilities'; the lesser standard of proof.

'Beyond reasonable doubt' is the only standard of evidence I would wish you to accept.

The Transcript constitutes hearsay.  However, these are the words of another (not mine), uttered by an intelligence officer.  Hardly 'gossip', I would suggest they are an important piece in the jig-saw, aspects or allegations which should have been explored by the Bermuda Police.

Do you believe the information constitutes a substantial concern?

Who benefits when the matters raised are not the subject of an investigation?

The Officer's Letter is a statement of fact albeit not written on official stationary.  It is not the document which is important, it is the content.  The words contradict the assertion an investiagtion (instigated by my allegations / complaint) occurred.  What better evidence can I provide than the word of a serving senior Officer who was privy to the events of 1990?

And the comments from the Commissioner of Police', reported in the Royal Gazette (14th September 1998), what faith can be placed in these?

According to the Royal Gazette newspaper artcile the C.O.P. stated:

"a full investigation was launched at the time of the initial complaint and the inquiry remained open, subject to new information coming to light"

I have yet to be advised the investigation is once again open however, it appears this will be the case. 

Lastly, the search warrant  A search warrant permits an officer to enter a property, if need be by force and conduct a comprehensive search.

A warrant is a document conveying authority, it is sworn before a Magistrate or Justice of the Peace, on oath.  The officer swearing the warrant provides a brief account of the reasons for the issue of the warrant, the grounds for his requiring the power to enter.  Having received the officer's deposition, if the grounds for issue are acceptable, the warrant is signed by the Magistrate (or J.P.) who will confirm the content is correct.  The 'content' will at the very least contain a brief description of the address and the warrant will bear a date (they are valid for a period of 30 days).

How useful would a blank (not bearing an address or a date) search warrant be which had been signed?





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