Drugs of choice



Why Bermuda ?

The selling of Narcotics is not a civil service, the decision to import illegal drugs and supply them in contravention of local laws is not conducted for any other purpose than to make money.

Bermuda is possibly the most expensive place in the world to buy narcotics - values associated are detailed on a page following each of the three prevalent narcotics in Bermuda (see links, left).  A 'calculator has been added to assist in understanding the vast amounts of money to be made when dealing in cocaine.

For more information on a whole range of drugs visit: the generic name database at: Pharminfo

The narcotics of 'choice' in Bermuda are cannabis, cocaine and heroin.

For comprehensive information on narcotics I would suggest the reader visits the following site STREET DRUGS.  This site has no connection with these pages but is a location providing information on an array of drugs from Alcohol to Thebaine (to include Cannabis, Cocaine and Heroin).  In all, more than 60 drugs are detailed with all manner of additional information which could be of use to teachers, parents and investigators.  All text information at the site is free.

Some information is detailed on the following pages about Bermuda's prevalent drugs (Cannabis, Cocaine and Heroin) and includes a break down of the cost / profit for each.  Please click on the relevant narcotic below:

Values for each of the drugs follow their individual pages.  The prices detailed will be in in both importation and retail terms, the Police tend to provide the Courts with the 'street' value, it is significantly higher and therefore impressive. 




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