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Crime Stoppers helped to seize $2m in drugs

By Karen Smith
The Royal Gazette Ltd

Bermuda, July 17, 2000

A total of 87 percent of all calls made to Crime Stoppers last year were drug related.

The latest figures released by the civilian crime-cracking organisation have shown that despite Bermuda's size, Crime Stoppers helped to seize almost the same amount of drugs in 1999 as the Miami branch.

Narcotics worth $2,089,500 were seized in Bermuda, much of them brought in on cruise ships.

Crime Stoppers received 158 calls from people last year who were able to offer information to the Island's various law enforcement agencies.

Of those callers who qualified, only four percent requested a financial reward.  As a result, $5,250 was paid out to reward information that led to the conviction of criminals.

And the information offered led to eight arrests for drug offences both on the Island and overseas, two arrests in connection with handbag thefts from visitors and one arrest for an assault on two individuals.

Two arrests were also made involving outstanding apprehension warrants.

Bermuda coordinator Alex McDonald said he was delighted people in Bermuda were taking the initiative to help combat crime.  And he said, with continued support, next year's figures could show even more improvement.

"I'm very pleased with the public's response to us asking them to help the law enforcement agencies in sorting out problems in their communities, but it's only the tip of the iceberg. People could still do a lot more," said Mr. McDonald.

"Initially, when Crime Stoppers was first started in Bermuda, it did surprise us that the majority of our calls were drug related, but when you look at the crime here, most of it has some connection with drugs. Drugs fuel a lot of crime.

"And although Miami has a lot of very serious crime, including a number of homicides, it's interesting to see that the volume of drugs seized in Bermuda through Crime Stoppers is the same as, if not more than, that seized through the Miami branch. That proves that Bermuda is doing it right.  


No Mr. McDonald, it proves you have a very serious drug problem.  

Possibly you would like to compare the drugs seized through information received from the public, to that seized as a result of Narcotics initiatives.  The figues may show that without the public, your situation would be hopeless.  What does that suggest - involving the public more?  Better training / equipment / facilities for the narcotics office?  Reducing the incredible demand the island has for the drug?

Why not try to consider the drug seizures in relation to the the population?  Compare the number of Miami inhabitants with the number of people in Bermuda, factor in the amount of drug per head of population being seized (forget street values - they distorts the picture - or was that the intention?).

Drugs still abound on the island - they are in plentiful supply (seen any increase in the cost over the past 10 yaers? - no! - consider supply vs demand).  So, 8 arrests for the 'vast' value of drugs - either these were serious importers or the seizures came without prisoner / conviction.  Another statistic to consider.

Just what is Bermuda doing right?





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