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The Bermuda Triangle, also known as the Devil's Triangle, is a region of the Atlantic Ocean in which a number of documents have disappeared in what are said to be circumstances that fall beyond the boundaries of human error or acts of nature

'Losing' documents - is it anything new?

No - In 1990 the now Commissioner of Police George Jackson was, in the rank of inspector, the head of the Bermuda police Narcotics department in which the author of this site worked.  George was my boss. In late 1990, George paraded me before the then commissioner who, in George's presence, informed me that my contract was not to be renewed (they could not dismiss me because I had done nothing wrong) and that as of that moment I was not to return to the Narcotics department.

However, George had a problem, the narcotics department had a problem, the constabulary had a problem ... the police service is small and lacks trained, experienced, dedicated and competent officers.  The island relies on what it can get by way of staff and expects the personnel to be able to provide a complete police service.  It cannot, it does not.  As a result, within a week, I was telephoned by George Jackson and asked to assist with an operation.  I did not attend and I subsequently learned that the operation was a farce. I was later asked by George to return to the Narcotics office and to assist with the 'Miranda' investigation.. George had no choice but to request my return, contrary to the order given by the then Commissioner of police; George required exhibits catalogued and file papers attended to.  I was provide unfettered access to the Narcotics office, I was once again in the department!

Over the next weeks, prior to my departure, I copied and retained 100's of documents, I possessed 1000's of pages which I returned to the UK in support of my concerns about the police service - that they act inappropriately - and to protect / support my own position. The Bermuda police department and the Governor's office are very aware of this - many of the pages are posted on this web site and have been for almost 10 years. Police papers going missing or being available is nothing new ....

  1. For example, from 1990 and the enquiry involving the now Commissioner , George Jackson, there is a blank search warrant (the unlawful documents used to enable search of people's homes by police), the statement of Victor Alongi, intelligence reports and numerous phone records to include those associated with Julian Hall.

  2. Cash goes missing too.  $9,000 of an exhibit in the above case 'disappeared'; it was never recovered and no one was charged with its theft. 

  3. There was report of the Serious Crimes Commission having lost papers. A file of papers was submitted to the SCC about the 1990 investigation concerning what undoubtedly remains the largest and most serious crimes of conspiracy, drug trafficking, and money laundering ever conducted in the Bermuda Police Service."  What investigation, if any, followed?

  4. Whilst Jonathan Smith was Commissioner of Police I wrote to him to advise that a Bermuda police officer had sent me a full file of papers relating to a road traffic accident.  The officer was apparently concerned that the death of a tourist followed their use of a defective moped hired on the island, furthermore it was suspected that there had been tampering with the cycle to give the impression it was roadworthy at the time of the incident.  Jonathan Smith never replied and I continue to possess the ORIGINAL file, to include the graphic photographs of the deceased.

  5. In addition, we have received information that Bermuda police papers relating to a major investigation have been offered for sale.

Bermuda appears to have an incredible ability to lose papers and it is therefore not unreasonable to believe they would have have every reason to secure papers.  With regard to the latest disclosure, Deputy Commissioner Roseanda Young has allegedly said "the very sensitive nature of this enquiry caused us to put special measures in place to secure all official documentation". 

Really, such as ....?

Clearly the measures were insufficient, so whose head will roll for this?

This web site stands as testament to the fact that documents are copied and retained.  Bermuda police staff have every reason to be concerned about the competency of the service and those that are supposed to provide 'support'.  I retained documents to highlight the incompetence, maliciousness and unlawfulness of the constabulary - my contract terminated inappropriately, in breach of the constabulary's own processes and regulations. The constabulary has no rules, at least none that are applied fairly and evenly. 

Why would anyone have confidence in the constabulary's ability to investigate crimes involving substantial sums of money and politicians?

As for this site ... no one has ever suggested that the papers retained and / or posted were obtained unlawfully, that the disclosure represents 'a clear attempt to discredit the Service in the eyes of the public'.  The site has been the subject of attention from the police service, the attorney general's office and the Governor's office and no one has ever asked for content to be altered or suggested that we have no right to the documents posted or referred to.  

So what is so different about the latest disclosures .... the involvement of politicians, an embarrassing failed enquiry despite numerous suspects and a lot of missing money?




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