In 1990 the author of this site appeared before the Commissioner of Police of the time, Clive Donald.  Also present was George Jackson.

In the presence of George, Clive informed the author that his contract was not to be renewed.  Clive then ordered that the author was:

  • to cease all activities in the Narcotics department and to be involved in no further narcotics activities.  there was a concern the author would continue to make arrests that would require his return to Bermuda to give evidence
  • to commence work at 'Operations'

However George had other ideas, or needs.  In truth, he had problems.  There was no one in the office in whom he had faith when it came to collating and presenting evidence.  He had also had no one about him on whom he could count when it came to creating 'dummy packages'.  Lastly, the author had a prolific arrest rate - George had lost the most productive officer the department has ever had.

George was in a quandary; he had inherited the narcotics department at a time when the office was in the middle of what has been described as "the largest and most serious crimes of conspiracy, drug trafficking, and money laundering ever conducted in the Bermuda Police Service.", the 'Miranda' enquiry.

So what did George do?  His disregarded the Commissioner of Police's orders.  With in a week of being moved from the narcotics department the author received a call from George, caught by the author's answer machine.  The author was being asked to return to the office, late that evening, to assist with an operation.  It transpired that another arrest had been made linked to 'Miranda' and there was to be a 'sting' that evening' Narco' were going to go through with the delivery, the person that had been arrested was prepared to contact the importer and arrange the exchange.  But George had problems:

  1. no one to create a dummy package
  2. a lack of personnel

What to do? George's solution; contact the writer, a person who had worked alongside George and who George knew could resolve the problem.  Only he had more problems - the author, no longer in the department (by senior officer command) was catching up on some socialising and George could not find him.  The conclusion:

A monumental cock-up after only a short while in charge:

George went ahead with the delivery but without a dummy package the courier was allowed to take the entire delivery.  When the importer or their agent turned up they took delivery of the whole package, smelled a rat and high-tailed it.  They took off, evading the officers (too few?) and made good their escape not with a dummy package but with the entire shipment!

But a larger farce than this was being played out courtesy of George Jackson... click here for more information.




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