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The information linked to these pages will be information written in both my diaries and pocket books as of 8th November 1988, the day I joined the Bermuda Police Narcotics Department.

However, as it was the Miranda enquiry which led to my eventual down fall, I will run parallel pages containing this information.  The Miranda enquiry commenced in 1990, if as intended, I wrote each page as it occurred 10 years ago to the day, I would not be placing the Miranda investigation on the site until the middle of the year 2000.

In an attempt to give an idea of the amount of work I undertook before being transferred to the narcotics department I will attempt to run a third series of reports, this dealing with my pocket book entries prior to joining the narcotics department.   On an island of 65,000 inhabitants, frankly I was amazed how many drug users (to include addicts) there were.

These pages can only be accessed from here (the contents pages does not link to the diary or pocket books) and on each occasion you must pass through a further page which comprises a disclaimer.  You are about to witness actual events.  Names, places, incidents may all be known to you.  I will not display dates of birth, nor will I give specific addresses or phone numbers.

Remember, where I am simply dealing with a 'stop in the street', it could have been you, no adverse inference should be derived from the event.

To my knowledge, no one has ever displayed such information.  However, it is fact, recorded at the time of the incidents and may have been given in evidence.  No one has ever alleged, or even suggested, the content of my diaries or pocket books are concocted.




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