whatever next?  doesn't the term desertion more usually apply to rats as they leave a sinking ship?

Policeman nabbed on desertion charge    

from the Royal Gazette newspaper


Police officer Rickie Marcus Joseph was arrested on Saturday for allegedly deserting the St. George’s division of the Police.  Joseph, 31, had been held in custody until his appearance in Magistrates’ Court yesterday. Joseph pleaded not guilty to the charge of desertion.

He is being represented by Delroy Duncan.

Senior Magistrate Archibald Warner adjourned the case, setting the trial for Friday.


so, before you join the Bermuda police service, before you join on the dotted line, ask yourself a question ...

just how desperate are the police to keep recruits such that they would prosecute someone who let without giving notice?

also consider the report below...


July 2004, posting from the Bermuda Free Speech Forum see also the Royal Gazette

Policemen quit, like nurses, fed up with PLP lies and incompetence

Policemen blame early exits on shoddy accommodation.

Poor quality accommodation which looks nothing like that promised on recruitment brochures is partly to blame for helping foreign recruits go home early, The Royal Gazette has learned.

Police sources said the brochure showed large rooms, usually reserved for visiting trainers in Prospect, which were nothing like the tiny rooms at the student dorm-style barracks in St. George's in which recruits are put. Last winter three British policemen headed home
weeks after joining after becoming upset by the conditions.

A few weeks ago another British policemen finished his shift and flew out to Canada without notice. One source said the officer sold his car to a colleague and asked him to hand his resignation letter in to the
administration office but it reached his bosses too early and they tried, but failed, to stop the plane.

Police officers must give one month's notice of their intention to quit. Earlier this week Police officer Rickie Joseph was arrested for desertion and will appear for trial tomorrow.




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