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December 1987

I had agreed to represent two police officers who were accused of neglect of duty.  The officer who submitted the complaint about the two was Police Sergeant Adams.  The complaint is dealt with on other pages (see:  'suspects on' ) however, here was an unexpected meeting with sergeant Adams, the complainant.  The conversation was a veiled threat (to myself) and demonstrated his withholding evidence that could have secured an acquittal of the two officers charged.  Please consider the text of the conversation, below and ask yourself why a police sergeant would make a complaint against two junior officers.   So inflammatory were sergeant Adams words that I made the pocket book entry:

2nd December 1987    Book 3 page 75     off duty

1420hrs attended HPS (Hamilton Police Station) re case of Seaman & Call re Marlow Laws with officer4

1510hrs    leaving building, by (drinking) water fountain (in corridor), stopped to speak with officer5 re Looby property mentioned by Insp. Esdale.  Saw PS Adams who said "I heard yesterday about the discipline today, it had been adjourned, I'd forgotten about it.  I said "How did you know I was dealing with it?"  Adams replied "I saw officer6 the other evening at the PRC (Police Recreation Club).  You were there, I spoke with him then, you were with a couple of women, else I'd have spoken with you.  I'd been meaning to approach you and see what kind of a guy you are.  I don't see why I need give evidence, I can't say anything".  We were passed by officer7 who interrupted us commenting on Adams radio being new issue.  Adams said "task force you know".   officer7 said "we didn't have them when I was on it"  Adams said "I borrowed it, it's waterproof you know"  officer7 left.  I again saw officer5 and commented on the spark plug, property in case of Looby, officer5 went into the gaol area and Adams made comment concerning the prisoner i.e. "was staying out of the way otherwise he'd plant one on him" and "he'd been waiting a while to arrest the guy".  Adams said "I hope it falls on one of my working days, I am liable to forget.  But what can I say, I went to the place, it was open and there were two people in it"  I said "I just want you to tie up the evidence of the other witnesses, I look upon you as a defence witness"  Adams said "Yeah well they can always tender my evidence, read my statement, I really can say nothing.  I don't want to give evidence, I'll be honest.  I've been involved in 5 of these things myself, I don't know what experience you have but you seem an intelligent guy, why not study law".  I said "As far as I am concerned, I have read the papers, there are enough loop holes and mistakes to see the guys are found 'not' (guilty).  Neither of them has ever intimated to me that they did not check the property and I wouldn't be defending them if I thought them guilty".  Adams replied"Come on, they will be found guilty.  Of the 5 that I defended only one was found not guilty.  But it's not worth it, give it up.  You only mark yourself and it stays with you, reports will follow you around wherever you go, I've seen guys before you fucked up for less.  What do you achieve, so you score small points now, it will catch up with you.  And don't give me all this 'justice must be done', let them look after themselves, they got themselves in the position.  You'll make a mistake and they'll jump all over you"   I said "Maybe, but I have a police loyalty mentality and do not see why anyone should take a fall for something that cannot be proved, and which they are not guilty of"  Adams said "Okay so what evidence do you hope to get from me"   I said "You can tie up the other witnesses statements"  Adams said "Look I haven't approached you before because I don't know what sort of guy you are and I may be able to help".  I said "Help me?  I don't need help unless you think that I am banging nails in my coffin by defending people".   Adams said "Just tell me why or what you want from me and I'll tell you how to get them off"  I replied "How could you help them"  Adams said "Because I know and could say something that would affect the prosecution, I know what to say"  I said "So why have you not said so already?"   Adams replied "It might not be in my interests to say anything now.  It didn't occur to me at the time and I needn't say anything , I really do not enjoy these things"  I said "Look serg', I am not prepared to show my hand.  I certainly do not want it thought that I have been interfering with witnesses and anyway they will both be found not guilty irrespective.  What worries me is why you have not mentioned this before".  Adams said "Okay", as he walked to the gaol area "so now I know where we stand".  I replied "See you soon, take care" and returned to police barracks where I recorded my notes concluded at 1645hrs and went to police headquarters.

The outcome of the disciplinary hearing is detailed under 'suspects on'

  3rd December 1987    Book 3 page 79    off dury

1020hrs    Arrest Andre Eugene Mason.   Subject ID 4021, Event # 87119230, Case # 87006126

4th December 1987    Book 3 page 79     off duty

0935hrs    Interview Marlon Laws

0950hrs    Interview concluded, file to prosecturions department re Laws.  Vehicle # 87001926.


4th December 1987    Book 4 page 1     off duty





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