DC 372 Statement



Statement of Ronnie Greene

I am a Detective Constable number 372, presently attached to the Narcotics Department of the Bermuda Police Force.

About 3.30pm on Thursday 29th March 1990 I was on duty in company with DC Richardson.  As a result of certain information received DC Richardson and I attended an area at Morgan`s Road, Warwick.  There we positioned ourselves in two seperate areas keeping observations on a residence "26 THE HARVEYS" situated on the Western side of Morgan`s Road.

At 5.15pm that same day I observed a blue "Rafur Trucking" delivery van enter the driveway of "26 THE HARVEYS".  I was unable to see whether a delivery was made due to the rear of the vehicle being positioned away from my view.  I was then joined by DS Cleave.  The vehicle quickly departed.  DC Richardson relayed this information via the police portable radio to other Officers involved in the operation.

As a result of a conversation with DS Cleave in liaison with other Officers, DS Cleave and I attended the residence "26 THE HARVEYS".  We had a conversation with the occupants (now known to me as the Harvey family) with regards to the
delivery of two television sets by Rafur Trucking.  They denied any knowledge and involvement in connection with the Importation of the two T.V. sets.

As a result of the conversation DS Cleave and I left the "THE HARVEYS".  We later returned to the Narcotics Office.

About 10.00 hours on Friday 30th March, 1990 as a result of further information DC Richardson and I returned to our vantage points at Morgan`s Road, Warwick.  We were conducting observations on a residence adjacent to "THE HARVEYS".

About 10.30am that same day I saw a "Rafur Trucking" delivery van reverse into the driveway of the said residence.  There were two men in the vehicle.  I observed two other males I now know to be Dwight Hatherley and Jason Harvey in the driveway of the residence.  The two delivery men lifted a large cardboard box from the rear of the van into the house.  Hatherley and Harvey then carried a second large cardboard box into the residence.

I was unable to hear any conversations.  I however observed Harvey to enter the van which drove off in a southerly direction on Morgan`s Road.  He soon returned on foot and entered the residence.  DC Richardson relayed this information to the other Officers engaged in the operation.

About 10.40am that same day I observed DS McLean, DC`s Swift, Bourne and other Officers arrive at the residence in Police vehicles.

DC Richardson and I then left our respective positions and attended the residence.  On ascertaining that the situation was under control I left the area.

About 5.35pm on Friday 30th March 1990 I was on duty in company with DC Richardson when I attended the Hamilton Police Station.  There in an interview room I saw the defendant Jason Harvey.

I identified myself and DC Richardson to Harvey and informed him that we were conducting enquiries into the importation of two television sets which were found to contain plant material resembling cannabis.  The T.V. sets were seized at the residence of Dwight Hatherley in his presence.  I then informed him that it was my intention to ask him some questions.

I proceeded to write out a caution which I read to him and asked him if he understood. 

He replied, "Yes".

I then asked him, "What do you understand what I`ve just said or rather what I`ve just read to you to mean?". 

He replied, "I have the right to say and do as I want".

Harvey then requested to call lawyer Richard Hector.  The interview was terminated in an effort for Harvey to contact his lawyer.

About 6.00pm that day lawyer Hector attended the Hamilton Police Station and spoke to Harvey in the interview room.

About 6.10pm that day Mr Hector departed.  DC Richardson and myself again entered the interview room where Harvey was seated.

Harvey immediately stated, "I want to tell the truth, the honest truth".

I then said to him, "Are you suggesting at this time that you want to make a voluntary statement".

Harvey replied, "Yes, I`ll tell you everything I know".

I then said to Harvey, "Jason, I am going to write a caution which I`ll read to you".

He replied, "Yes".

I proceeded to write out a caution which I read to the defendant.  I invited him to sign the caution which he did.  DC Richardson and I witnessed his signature.

At 6.15pm that same day I proceeded to write a statement as dictated by Harvey.  On completion of the statement Harvey read the statement over aloud.  Harvey then signed the record and initialled the necessary corrections.  He wrote out the concluding caption upon my dictation.

I proceeded to write out the concluding certificate.  The record was countersigned by DC Richardson and myself.

Harvey was then returned to the cell area.

About 11.15am on Saturday 31st March 1990 I was on duty when as a result of certain information I accompanied

DC Richardson to the Hamilton Police Station.  There we saw the defendant Dwight Hatherley in an interview room.

DC Richardson introduced me to Hatherley and said to him, "We are here to talk to you about what you told me this morning".

DC Richardson then cautioned Hatherley saying, "You don`t have to say anything to us if you don`t want to.  That`s your right".

Hatherley replied, "I know that but I don`t mind talking to you.  You guys have a job to do".

DC Richardson and Hatherley then had a conversation.  I took notes of the conversation.

During this conversation Hatherley requested to speak to Lawyer Julian Hall.

About 11.56am that same day Hatherley left the interview room to contact Mr Hall.

About 12.00 hours Hatherley returned to the interview room and stated that he was unable to contact Mr Hall.

DC Richardson then handed Hatherley the telephone directory and informed him that he could contact another lawyer if he wished to do so.  Hatherley insisted that he only wanted Julian Hall.

About 12.20pm that day the conversation was terminated.

At 12.45pm in company with DC Richardson the defendant Hatherley was conveyed to the Scenes of Crime Office, Prospect.  A short while later the defendant Harvey arrived accompanied by DS McLean and DC Swift.  Both men were taken into the Scenes of Crime Office and seated.

Present at the Scenes of Crime Office were DS Cassidy, DS McLean, DC`s Bourne, Swift, Richardson and SC Simmons.  DS Cassidy and DC Providence removed the rear panel cover of the television sets.  Inside one of the television sets I saw two packages wrapped in a grey duct tape.  The second television contained three similar packages wrapped in grey duct tape.

DS McLean reminded the defendants that they were still under caution.

DC Providence photographed the packages after which DS Cassidy removed same.  DS Cassidy individually cut open each package revealing plant material in two of the packages and shredded paper in the other three.  There were a total of five packages.

Two of the packages contained a zip locked plastic bag which contained a small amount of cannabis.

These items were all showed to the defendants.

DS McLean pointed out to both defendants that the original contents of the television sets were removed and substitute materials were placed into the televisions.

DS McLean also showed the defendants plant material which resembled cannabis which was removed from the televisions
earlier.  The plant material was contained in four large trash bags.

DC Swift kept contemporaneous notes of these proceedings.

On completion of the photographic session, DC Richardson and I conveyed Hatherley to the Narcotics Office where he remained seated in the Police vehicle.  He was fed.

About 2.00pm that day in company with DC Richardson, Swift, DS McLean and other Officers the defendant Hatherley was taken to the residence of his grandmother Mrs Gladys Williams, Dudley Hill, Paget.

On arrival DC Swift showed Mrs Williams a Search Warrant issued under the Misuse of Drugs Act pertaining to the residence.

DC Swift handed the Warrant to Mrs Williams.  She appeared to read it and returned same to DC Swift.

DC Bourne enquired of Mrs Williams whether there were any items in the house belong to Hatherley.  She replied, "Just a few jackets, they`re in my room".  Mrs Williams then handed to DC Bourne a few jackets from the wardrobe.

DC Bourne searched the items after which he conducted a search of the wardrobe and children`s bedroom where Hatherley stated he slept.

DC Bourne then said to Hatherley, "Is there anything else in this room that`s yours?".

Hatherley replied, "No, I told you, just the jackets in the other room.  I don`t stay here".

The search was completed at 2.27pm.

The defendant Hatherley was then conveyed to the Police vehicle which was parked in the driveway of the residence.  The defendant was seated in the rear passenger`s seat.  I was seated in the driver seat and DC Richardson was seated in the front passenger`s seat.  We were awaiting the arrival of other Officers engaged in a search at a nearby residence.

The defendant`s sister I now know to be Kim Hatherley approached the police vehicle and held a conversation with the defendant.

I made notes of that conversation.

Kim:"Dwight, what about the loan?".

Dwight: "The payment has to be made by the 6th of every month".

Kim: "Where do you make the payment?".

Dwight: "Ask for loans or consumer loans".

Kim: Why did you do this to us?".

Dwight: Look after everybody for me.  Don`t worry about me".

The defendant was later returned to the Hamilton Police Station.  He was detained.

At 4.10pm that day Hatherley was conveyed to the residence of his girlfriend Lisa Tucker, Princess Street, Hamilton by DC Richardson and myself.

DC Swift was in possession of a Search Warrant issued under the Misuse of Drugs Act pertaining to Tuckers residence.

On gaining entry, the warrant was shown to Tucker who appeared to read same.  DC Bourne then commenced a search of Tucker`s bedroom in the presence of Tucker and Hatherley.

Nothing pertaining to the Misuse of Drugs Act was seized.

The defendant was returned to the Hamilton Police Station by DC Richardson and myself.  He was placed in the cells.

About 11.45am on Sunday 1st April, 1990 in company with DC Richardson I again saw Hatherley in an interview room at the Hamilton Police Station.

Hatherley immediately said, "I don`t want to say anything to you guys.  I want to talk to the Sergeant.  I have information that will make you guys head spin but it don`t make sense talking to you because you have to report to your Sergeant.  I might as well speak to your Sergeant".

Hatherley was returned to his cell whilst I made arrangements to have DS McLean attend the station.

At 1.20pm that day DS McLean arrived at the jail area.  I informed him of Hatherley`s request.

DS McLean then instructed the jailor (PC Roberts) to bring Hatherley from his cell to the gaol reception area.

Hatherley then said to DS McLean, "I want to speak to you".

DS McLean replied, "I don`t want to speak to you one on one.  I want these Officers present".

Hatherley replied, "I want to speak to you alone".

DS McLean instructed the jailer to make a note of the proceedings.  DS McLean and Hatherley then entered an interview room.

About 1.33pm that day Hatherley returned to the goal area and was placed into his cell by the jailer.

At 4.33pm that day in company with DS McLean, DC Swift and Richardson, I again attended the goal area at the Hamilton Police Station.  We were then joined by Hatherley who again requested to speak to DS McLean alone.

DS McLean and Hatherley then entered the interview room.

At 4.40pm that day Hatherley returned to the goal area.  He was returned to his cell by the jailer.




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