Ted Ming United with a daughter he never knew he had.

It is with some pleasure that I write to advise this site appears to have done some good, albeit through a bizarre turns of events.

A 31 year old Canadian lady searching for a ĎTed Mingí, the father she never knew, located this site, www.bermuda.org.uk which makes many references to the name.  After a brief exchange of e-mails, which in accordance with the assurance appearing at the bottom of the page will remain confidential, it was revealed the lady believed Ted Ming of the Bermuda Strollers, to be her father.

The lady was seeking contact details for Ted, but also expressed some concern.  The site makes reference to Tedís association with drug dealing, money laundering and murder.  The site also advises that Tedís conviction and 20 years prison sentence was overturned following a ruling that the judge misdirected the jury.

The lady questioned whether contact should be made with Ted. 

Bermudians are almost without exceptions, wonderful people; relaxed, easygoing and not predisposed to violence or aggression.  Whilst it was suggested the lady seek the advice of an organisation or people who had experience in breaking such news to long-lost (or never discovered) parents, it was not anticipated Ted would act other than with interest and compassion.

Tedís address and telephone number were supplied to the Canadian lady and in turn she called Ted.  Apparently, Tedís reaction was as anticipated; favourable.  There has been a brief period during which e-mails have been exchanged between this site and the Canadian lady.  Ted apparently expressed concern about how the lady had located him, through www.bermuda.org.uk.  Ted is said to have no knowledge of this site.

The e-mails between the lady and this site have ceased, through the ladyís choice.  No further approach will be made by www.bermuda.org.uk despite possessing both home and work e-mail addresses for her.  The parting words were kind:

  • I want to thank you dearly for helping me find my father. I will never forget your kindness and assistance.  Through my years of searching I have not come across a more helpful person than you.

It was my pleasure.  Though I am fully aware of Tedís former links to drug dealing, I wish them both well.




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