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2008.  Bermuda Police officer's blog 'gagged'?

Bermuda Police Constable Allan Palmer's blog 'Crushing Fools' appears to have been the subject of a modification.  A post about crime statistics has been removed for "reasons that will not be discussed". 

The original post read:
  • Crime and Violence the Bermuda Story for 2005-2006
After addressing the community’s reluctance to cooperate with the police
to ensure that the environment in which they live continues to be
conducive for living, without the element of fear for one’s safety, the
safety of our families, friends and the protection of our properties; It
is fitting for me to review the crime statistic according to the Bermuda
Police Service (BPS) as is posted on the BPS very informative webpage
In analyzing the statistics I will attempt to not only reveal the
discoveries I made but I will also try to explain what some of the crimes
constitute in a very simple form. It is also my hope that the revelations
found here would only help to motivate concerned Bermudian into action and
enable a greater community consciousness. Thus will inspiring a greater
level of collaboration between the community and the police in keeping
this very small Island safe from the criminal that is waging war against
all who live and visit this Island that is synonymous with tranquility.

Although the page shows an overall decrease in the number of actual crimes
reported, (which is far different from the number of crimes committed) I
could not help but to notice there were some very important categories
from the stats sheet. The categories are as follows:
1. Assault Causing Actual Bodily Harm;
Physical assault on an individual that leaves on the victim’s body any
swelling, discoloration and or abrasions/bruising;
2. Wilful / Criminal Damage,
This is an offence where an individual or group of individuals acts in
such a manner, they not having any lawful authority or reasonable excuse
damage any item (it matter not the value) but as long as that property
had/has an owner;
3. Drug related offensives such as possession, importation, etc.
These discoveries lead me to ask the question, would the exclusion of the
above categories of criminal offences in anyway change the statistics and
affect the general outcome of the crime rate? This is a question for you
to answer.
The discoveries:
  • Reported Theft:
There was a 24% rise in report of theft when compared to 2005 and 2006.
This means that there were 24% more victims who had been deprived of
enjoying the pleasures of the sweat of their brow. Their hard earned
monies and other personal possessions were taken from them by another
whose intention was/is to permanently deprive the owner of such.
  • Burglaries

Crimes of intrusion also saw a leap in 2006 when compared to 2005. Our
home, business premises and schools had become less safe, in that to
secure these premises was not enough to ensure there safety.

The increases were as follows:

. 11% increase in unlawful home invasion.
· 19% increase in unlawful school invasion.
· 73% increase in unlawful shop invasion.
· 47% increase in unlawful office invasion.
· 20% increase in unlawful unclassified premises invasion.
What does this mean to us as citizens who are the main stake holders of
this rock, residents who are only here in most cases at the pleasure of
their employees, and visitors who comes to enjoy the peace and stability
of this tranquil Island?
  • Assault Causing Grievous Bodily Harm

We have seen a 34% rise in assault offences that may have resulted in
possible broken bone and other injuries that may or could cause improper
function of one’s limbs or organs due to nerve damage etc.

Sexual Assault:
Crimes of sexual assaults are normally crimes that are committed against
females but not restricted to females. Another class of individuals who
are increasingly becoming victims of such crimes are children of both
genders. Bermuda has seen a 22% rise in such crimes for the period
2005-2006, and a 43% from 2004-2006.
  • Murder

The offence of Murder has seen an unprecedented rise of 50% every two
years. This can quickly become a frightening number.

These are serious times. I know most people may say we are not as bad as
some other jurisdiction, and that may be true. But the question to ask
yourself is this, are we as good as we use to be. It is extremely
important to note, that the prosperity of most country, state, Island etc.
is vastly dependant on the following:

Political stability
A low or a controllable crime rate
Infrastructural development
A trainable workforce
But there is nothing that can drive away investors and potential investors
like an environment that have become criminally unstable. The ball is in
your court. And you must play it with common sense and with intelligence.
In service to Humanity
Allan H.F Palmer




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