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Crime statistics

a report found advises as follows:

Very few crimes are reported to the international public . Most serious crimes are kept private in fear that they will damage Bermuda's safe and beautiful reputation . Most crimes take place in an area known as the "back of town" , consisting of theft and minor assaults . This " back of town" area is considered the more destitute part of Bermuda . There you find will drugs , alcohol , and other delinquent activities. Because of this various places such as Court St., also known as the " back of town", does receive the same publicity as the rest of the island so that tourists are not turned off to Bermuda.

There are few serious crimes that occur in Bermuda that affect tourism . The only crimes that happen to tourist are robberies . Many of these robberies are minor with tourists only losing a few dollars or a few personal items .However a couple of years ago a Canadian tourist was murdered by a Bermudan male. This murder caused an uproar in Bermuda and many feared that this would tarnish their reputation .

The family of the victim was so enraged that they hired a cable station to cover and air a documentary . The family's intentions were to steer people away from Bermuda and make them aware of what goes on near Court St.. The documentary exposed the side of Bermuda that is rarely seen . The documentation was view in an array of places including Bermuda . Some Bermudans feared that the negative exposure would cause a decline in tourism and the economy , but the beautiful representation encouraged people to come and view the area for themselves . According to Ms . Jenkins the documentary showed so many beautiful panoramics that Bermuda's reputation was only enhanced .

Everything that is done in Bermuda is under heavy scrutiny by locals and the world outside Bermuda. The economy has an effect on every aspect of life, there is a significant link between the actions of Bermudans' behavior and the economy . Most in Bermuda understand this link and try to uphold it because the effects can cause major disruption in their lifestyle .

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