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On the 5th June 2007 two masked men attacked and robbed American tourists at gunpoint after breaking into their guesthouse.

Is it simply coincidence that this despicable crime occurred when the police, Premier and Governor appear to be more concerned with internal investigations, their credibility and politics.  The island's police are likely asking themselves who leaked information that linked the island's Premier to the BHC scandal whilst expected to investigate the expose, the Premier is posturing about the attack on his credibility (apparently with less mention about his ethics though possibly relived Bermuda's corruption laws are antiquated) and the Government seeks to take control of the police from the Governor who has effectively been threatened with excommunication in the event he does not organise an investigation about the police leak.

And whilst each is at the other's tail, crime continues (taking advantage of the in-fighting distraction?)  and Senator David Burch, Minister of Public Safety confirms "Bermuda has real problems".


Masked robbers hold tourists at gunpoint in guesthouse break-in

By Robyn Skinner

Police are hunting two masked men who attacked and robbed American tourists at gunpoint after breaking into their guesthouse.

Yesterday at about 3 a.m. the men broke into a guesthouse in the East End — Police are not revealing which one — and attacked the husband and wife, holding them at gunpoint. The man suffered broken ribs and his wife’s face was left severely bruised in the attack. They were treated at the King Edward VII Memorial hospital before being released.

They left Bermuda yesterday — the day they were meant to be finishing their holiday on the Island.

Last night Assistant Commissioner of Police Carlton Adams said: “We take this incident very seriously and we will be working tirelessly to make sure those who did this are brought to justice.”

The two men are described as being young and black though Police were unsure of their heights. And both men were believed to be carrying firearms, however, neither weapon was fired.

Mr. Adams said more than a dozen officers are investigating the incident and will be patrolling guest homes to ensure the men do not attempt a second assault.

Last night St. George’s Mayor Mariea Caisey said she was shocked and horrified to hear of the violent attack and called on the public to speak up before someone was killed.

Mayor Caisey said: “I’m speechless right now. I’m very sorry to hear about what happened. I’m afraid, though, it wouldn’t matter if we had more Police presence in the town because it wouldn’t deter them. These are sick people who will do anything for their habit. I’m paranoid as it is. I always lock myself in my house. I lock my windows, my doors, everything.”

And the Mayor said she was very sorry for the visitors who had to experience this and she believes the only way to deal with this situation is for the public to come forward.

She said: “Everybody needs to speak up. These men could have had guns. Somebody could get killed and a lot of young people don’t understand what these incidents do for Bermuda- they give us such bad publicity.”

Police last night also confirmed the suspected firearms are not related to those stolen from a Warwick property a month ago.

A Government spokeswoman said last night: “The Minister of Public Safety and Housing, Lt. Col. David Burch, OBE, ED, JP, has assured residents and visitors that the Bermuda Police Service is using every and all available resources to apprehend the perpetrators who committed this heinous act. Minister Burch has requested the Bermuda Police Service make this incident a ‘top priority’, pointing out that such an act is not typical of ‘our Bermudian culture’.”

“The Minister has also advised that he has been kept ‘fully abreast’ of all aspects of the investigation relating to this incident and has assured that he will update the public of any further developments as they unfold.”




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