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It was always said that an officer with financial problems is a liability.  Certainly such an officer could be faced with some embarrassing questions, if not allegations i.e. that an action (or lack) was motivated by financial considerations.

In April 1990 Carlton E. Adams MasterCard account with the bank of N.T. Butterfield & Son Ltd, PO box HM 195, Hamilton HMCX, Bermuda (tel: 295 1111) was the subject of the following endorsement:

Kindly be advised, this account is frozen due to
delinquency.  To avoid having your account referred
to our collection division
please pay your minimum payment.

The account was held in the police address (PO Box HM530, c/o Police Station, Hamilton HM BX) under account number:

5154 5100 0014 8396

Sergeant Adams may wish to change this account now.  He may also wish to ask himself why his finances were the subject of attention.   The information provided above is accurate.  If Sergeant Adams wishes to dispute it he is welcome to submit his comments for inclusion or, if he produces evidence to counter the above, the data will be withdrawn.

I assure you, the detail is 100% accurate and will therefore remain.

Sergeant Adams is free to take proceedings for libel if the above is untrue.

I believe sergeant Adams will do nothing.   To contradict the above would necessitate an act of perjury. 

There are plenty more liabilities within the service.  Links will be created to officers who:

Assaulted their girlfriend

Attempted to breach Bermuda's currency laws by exporting more than $3000

Assaulted a foreign customs officer at an airport

Why include such references?  When considered in relation to the heinous crimes I was said to have committed; allegedly 'bucking authority' and 'attempting to tape record Chief Inspector Ramsey', it will be appreciated that my alleged actions were trivial.  There had to be a reason for ensuring I could no longer be effective.  The Miranda investigation will reveal much and a link will be created to the various intelligence reports associated with this large enquiry.




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