CO Brangman



I am the above mentioned person.  I am employed as a Senior Customs Officer with Her Majesty`s Customs at the Civil Air Terminal, St George.  I am in charge of the Air Cargo Shed.  My duties entail the supervision of all personel working in the shed.

Around midday on Wednesday 28th March 1990 Customs Officer Hilary Rodill informed me that he suspected that there were some Narcotics concealed in two cartons containing televisions which were in the shed.  He suggested that I keep observations over the T.V.`s and that he and some members of the J.I.S would be returning to the shed later that afternoon to make a thorough search of the cartons.

About 1530 hours that day Sergeant McLean, Customs Officer Rodill and other Officers from the Joint Importation Squad arrived and waited for the closure of the freight shed.

I signed off duty at 1700 hours that day leaving my staff and the other J.I.S Officers.

I reported for work the morning of Thursday 29th March, 1990.  I noticed that the two T.V. cartons were in the same position where I had left them the previous night.  I again instructed the staff to keep observations on the two cartons.  I later was made aware that the televisions were suspected of containing drugs and a controlled delivery of the televisions would be put into effect.

About 3.15pm that day John Furbert approached me in my office with documents pertaining to the two televisions and requested if possible that the goods be examined to verify its contents.  At this point I thought it best to consult DC Bourne from the Narcotics Department.

As a result of the conversation with Mr Furbert and DC Bourne it was decided by Mr Furbert that he would deliver the goods with fore knowledge of the contents to the address on the "Airway Bill".

About 3.30pm that day Devrae Hollis, an employee of "Rafur Trucking Services" presented to me a "Customs Bill of Entry", two Airway Bills and Invoice (copy) pertaining to the two T.V.`s.

I took the paperwork and stamp them off the "U.S. Air" manifest releasing the goods to Rafur Services.  Mr Hollis said he would be back later to collect the goods.  He then left with the paperwork. 

Around 4.00pm that day Mr Hollis and John Furbert presented the paperwork to the U.S. Air Agent in the shed for delivery of the goods.  I was present when Mr Furbert and Hollis took possession of the two T.V.`s and place them in a Rafur Trucking delivery van.

This statement was recorded by me DC R Greene at the Civil Air Terminal, St George between 1500 hrs and 1530 hour, 1/6/90.  It was read over by the named Lawrence Brangman who signed it and initialled the necessary corrections.  I witnessed his signature.




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