Chisnell Statement



On Monday 30th April, 1990, at the request of Police I attended the Narcotics Office, Police Headquarters, Prospect.

At 4.05pm I went with Detective Constable Philip Swift to a building nearby at what I now know to be the incident room.

I saw two television boxes, one was upon a table, the other on the floor.

From the boxes I noticed that they were marked `G.E.`, that is to say they came from General Electric.  They appeared to be old stock, the Model numbers I couldn`t translate off hand but General Electric was bought out by Thompson Consumer Electronics about two years ago and the boxes are now different.

Both boxes bore stickers relating to their contents.

In a box marked in red pen with a figure `one` in a circle, the label described the television alongside the scan code as a `model 26GC415` with the television serial number

In a box marked in a red pen with a figure `two` in a circle, the label described the television alongside the scan code as a model 26GC415, with a serial number of 945560102.

At 4.22pm I opened the box marked with a `1` in a circle, on top of the T.V. was a number of white labels with writing and white powder.

With the assistance of D.C. Swift we placed the T.V. face down and slid it from the box.

On the rear of the T.V. was a sticker bearing the serial number 945560078, as was on the cardboard box.

From the chassis number `CTC157E` I am able to say the T.V. is the `R.C.A.` version chassis, that is to say it is made by Thompson, and a newer T.V. than the box would suggest, the label states that the T.V. was manufactured in November 1989.  `R.C.A.` is a television company that was also bought out by Thompson Consumer Electronic at about the same time.

When viewing the rear of the T.V. I was surprised to see a piece of sheet metal blocking the ventilation holes in the hardboard backing.  This should not be present and I can think of no reason for its presence, I`ve never seen a set with this on it before.  It appears to have been fitted after manufacture, there being six screws pushed through the back hardboard.

I also noticed that two screws were missing from the back that hold the back to the chassis at the bottom either side
of the co-ax antenna.

I removed the back of the television using a pair of pliers to remove two quarter inch screws from the top.

On the inside of the back hardboard I had a clear view of the sheet metal which was held in place by five small screws with hand tightening tops.

The television set itself is a write off, the tube being of no use.  The tube serial number is D-NCL43108.

The T.V. is what we call `picture tube down to air`, it is completely broken from the picture tube neck, including the glass nipple being broken at the rear of the tube.

I replaced the back and returned the T.V. to the box.

At 5pm I opened the box marked with a `2` in a red circle.

On the back of the T.V. was a sticker bearing chassis number CTC157E.  The hardboard back was not screwed secure and I found the screws upon the base.

I opened the back of the T.V. and saw a piece of sheet metal secured to the inside which should not be present and is covering the air holes.  I also noticed that the picture tube socket had been pulled off and appears to be capable of replacement.

Inside the T.V. I saw three silver tape packages.  The tube serial number was D-MCL1C007.

Again, with this T.V. all the parts appear to be present and
it is an R.C.A. chassis manufactured in November 1989.

I returned the T.V. to its box.

Having now seen both T.V.`s I can confirm that I have worked upon a couple in the past in Bermuda within the last year.  I am conversant with the T.V.`s and have never seen metal plates placed upon the inside of the T.V. back as with these, there is a danger possibility with the heat build up due to their presence and I can think of no legitimate reason for their being in place.

Holmes William and Purvey are the only authorised agent for G.E. televisions.

I have been working for Holmes William and Purvey for 19 years always in connection with television, I am now the supervisor for the company`s T.V. shop.  I hold qualifications for my apprenticeship, an International Correspondence Course in Television Engineering, a certificate from Thompson Consumer for CTC140 Chassis Training, which is similar to the T.V.`s that I have seen today.  I have also attended a couple of courses relating to T.V. repair, maintainence and engineering.

I am willing to attend court and give evidence if necessary.  This statement has been completed by D.C. Swift as we examined the T.V.`s this afternoon and is now concluded at 5.30pm.




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