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15th December 2007
the following allegations are circulating via e-mail and now appear on Wikileaks (click here to read the Wikileaks article) - click on the 'document' number below to see the correspondence referred to. the disclosure of the documents below follows stories in Bermuda's press:
  • ALLEGATIONS Bermuda Housing Corporation funds were used to part-pay for the construction of Premier Ewart Brown's private home - click here to read more)

Yesterday, Housing Minister David Burch held a press conference and stated
that last Friday's Mid Ocean News story was "pure fabrication and complete

Last week's Mid Ocean News story as reported is accurate and I submit the
attached documents to corroborate the story:

Document 1: Bermuda Composite Construction overview of financial
position at 14th December 2001 - Dr. Brown A.P. Owen Road Residence;

Document 2: List of Payables totalling $424,447.64 - Dr. Brown A.P. Owen
Road Residence;

Document 3: Cheques deposit totalling $422,000.00

Document 4: BCC relevant Bank statement - deposits and cashed cheques;

Document 5: Subcontractors and suppliers full & final settlement payment
schedule totalling $283,545.97;

Document 6: Cheque deposit totalling $100,000.00 - Dr. Brown & Same day
cheque withdrawal totalling $102,000.00 - Island Construction Company Ltd.;

Document 7: Cheque withdrawal totalling $350.00 - Island Construction
Company Ltd.;

Document 8: BCC 2004 relevant Bank statement - Island Construction
Company Ltd cashed cheques - account closed 13th January 2005;

Son of the Soil

the above carried a post script alleging that The Cedar beam was taken from Island Construction Company's Ltd. Devonshire depot by its employees and delivered to Dr. Brown house.

Further information about 'son of the soil', Mr Harold Darrell of Bermuda can be obtained by clicking here.




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