BHC Diary



12th July 2007 Law Lords advise reasons for gaging the press - the Press was unrepresnted click here
6th July 2007 Kent sends police staff to Bermuda to help find misplaced (?) file.  click here
29th June 2007 Governor refuses to comment on recently revealed allegations of corruption within Government. click here
21st June 2007 The Commissioner  of Police, George Jackson apparently apologised for the inept or dishonest (?) behaviour of his constabulary - their ability to lose a secret / confidential file in respect of which, with regard to security,  'special measures' had been taken. click here
  George Jackson (Commissioner of Police) states the BHC file is 'stolen'  
  George Jackson (Commissioner of Police) states the BHC file is 'lost'  
2004 Kulendra Ratneser, then the islandís top prosecutor, said that unethical behaviour involving elected officials had been unearthed but that there was little (note - NOT 'nothing', but something, albeit 'little') that could be deemed criminal under the law click here

At the centre of the BHC police probe. No charges have ever been brought against any of the men in connection with the scandal.  But Bascome subsequently arrested for corruption (unconnected)





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