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The islands boast probably the highest number of police officers per head of population of any where in the world.  Why?  Why is crime prolific on this these small islands that are also probably the most expensive place in the world to buy narcotics? 
  • Narcotics are rife on the islands and have been since the mid 80's; their use is widespread, there is much disposable income and great profits to be made from sale.. 
  • Crime is on the increase
  • There is a lack of of police training
  • The police service is poorly equipped and unprofessional
  • Money Laundering legislation has been overlooked and the police untrained - in 2004 the island saw its first

In brief, the island plays at policing - it is more a hobby than a profession.  One need only consider two 2004 incidents to understand that the island's constabulary have little understanding of the island's needs. Do the police abuse their power?  We do not ask you to accept our words, to read an account, click here.

Narcotics of choice:

  • The Hog Penny Battle: a disturbance in a bar / restaurant often inhabited by tourists due to it being located a matter of yards from Front Street.  The bar is also only a small block, a few hundreds yards, from the island's main police station on Parliament Street, Hamilton - for a map to appreciate this and in the event you wish to avoid the venue, click here.  So just how long did it take the police to attend the disturbance which involved 20 people .... almost 45 minutes! 
  • Torture: understandably among a 60,000+ population, you will find the odd extremist.  But what causes someone to turn to torturing another human being? In this case, apparently it is lack of police action which caused a vigilante response.  The victim of the torture apparently been committing burglaries and as 'the police do nothing' (according to the torturer's father), punishment was administered.  Whilst we do not condone the actions of the torturer, just how bad do things have to get to cause someone to take such measures?
and what of the investigations:  
  • Alleged Importer released: after spending 18 months in custody, a Jamaican cruise ship worker was free to go - the prosecution could not find two witnesses!
  • Botched narcotics investigation - an operation where dummy packages were delivered to a home but the police did not watch them!  As a result, while the officers were not watching, someone removed the packages!  Keystone Cops or what?
  • Man suspected of assault flees the island - Mr Provan joins other who have done just the same thing ... a gunman who killed Shaundee Jones few years ago, a mother illegally moving kids out of fathers jurisdiction.  But this is nothing new ... some may still remember the Ottiwell Simmons jnr case (the son of the PLP MP and union leader) allegedly linked to Buck Burrows , Larry Tacklyn (accused of the Governor's murder in 1973) and others - despite an extensive he hunt managed to get off the island, stay at large (in the USA?) and when he voluntarily returned all the paperwork was missing, therefore no charges, no proceedings, nothing! In the 90's we lost a staff member from what was the Tavern on the Green - skipped the island and also another Scottish man, Murray Beveridge (employed at Henry VIII's and linked to Miranda) from whom thousands of dollars was seized which, when examined by the Government analyst, were tainted with cocaine.  So much for learning from mistakes!






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