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Occupation: Actor, Director, Producer

Date of Birth: September 25, 1944

Place of Birth: New Brunswick, N.J., USA

Relations: Father: Kirk Douglas (actor); mother: Diana Dill (actress); brothers: Joel (producer), Eric; wife: Catherine Zeta-Jones (actress); ex-wife: Diandra Luker; sons: Cameron (with Luker), Dylan Michael (with Zeta-Jones)

Education: Choate; University of California at Santa Barbara

The Island is to be publicised in the UK - March 2001

The newly wed film celebrity and Mr Douglas is a part-owner of Ariel Sands cottage colony and therefore unlikely to comment on the islands ever decreasing reputation, the serious drug problem, increased crime and inability to staff its police service (despite having the highest number of police officer per head of population in the world).

He is to narrate a film about Bermuda for  "Wish You Were Here...?" a UK holiday show.  It is obviously hoped the publicity will be even greater in the UK now he has wed Welsh film star Catherine Zeta Jones.

The 30-minute programme is set to go out next March, raising awareness of Bermuda just before the busy summer period begins.  Bermuda Tourism Europe director Ian Parker is reported to have said the interview with Mr. Douglas was a real coup for the Island adding "We try very hard to get on these programmes, there is huge demand, everybody is trying to get on them"

It is possible the island's diminishing reputation as a holiday resort will be enhanced but one questions the effectiveness of using a film star, with a financial interest in the prosperity of the island's tourism, to promote it.  Mr Douglas is the major shareholder in the Aerial Sands resort.  Presumably other celebrities who married on, or about, the island, declined to comment on the island's merits?

Is it surprising Mr. Parker has been sensitive in the past about using the Mr. Douglas connection to help sell the Island?  Has Mr Douglas' marriage added respectability to his endorsement?

The show is to be themed "Stars and their Islands" and will feature Mr. Douglas talking about the things he likes to do and places he goes in Bermuda, after all, he spends so much time there?  Really?  No doubt the questions will be thoroughly vetted and not contentious.

Why not ask where Mr Douglas likes to spend his vacations - just how often does he visit Bermuda in preference to other islands ... or destinations? 

Needless to say, Ariel Sands is likely to be included in the places he mentions.

Mr. Parker said the last time the Island was shown on British TV, the tour operator's phones were ringing off the hook for days.  Possibly this time, the internet will be searched, exhaustively.

The overall impression - a desperate measure!


Occupation: Actress, Singer

Date of Birth: September 25, 1969

Place of Birth: Swansea, West Glamorgan, Wales

Relations: Husband: Michael Douglas (actor); son (with Douglas): Dylan Michael; former companion: Jon Peters (producer); father: Dai; mother: Pat; brothers: Lyndon, David






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