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This is a factual site.  

What you will read is fact - the writer was subverted and betrayed while a serving officer - I have nothing to gain from misrepresentation.  You will read about the reality of the Bermuda police service and an island awash with cocaine.  I have tried not to show any bias in reporting incidents but given that, to quote a serving office, police Inspector Gibbons, I was 'subverted & betrayed', please accept that my perspective may be a little jaundiced.

Bermuda, an island of 21 square miles, with a population of about 65,000.

For a feel of this tiny, lightly inhabited, over-policed island, just read the latest from a newspaper, The Royal Gazette.

In brief, I served as a Bermuda police officer between 1986 and 1991, the last 2 years of my service being with the Narcotics Department. In August 1990, I received a telephone call from a member of a U.S. law enforcement agency. I was informed the Chief Inspector in charge of the Narcotics Department, Dennis Ramsey, was involved in the importation of cocaine into the Islands of Bermuda. Furthermore, that a Bermuda Barrister was a cocaine user. I taped the call, the transcript  appears on these pages.

HH01079_.WMF (1920 bytes) click on the icon to view the transcript.

I reported the conversation to Detective Inspector George Jackson (Bermuda Narcotics Department) who requested the tape of the conversation (with the US official). I refused to hand the original over.

Within 24 hours I was back in uniform and my contract was not to be renewed; constructive dismissal. Instead of the allegations against a senior Officer being investigated, I was accused of ‘bucking authority’ and attempting to tape the head of the narcotics department. No disciplinary investigation followed the accusations (which I deny) against me. I was forced to end my service in 1991.

In 1996 a serving member of the Bermuda police service, Inspector Gibbons (Intelligence Department) wrote to me  confirming I was 'subverted and betrayed'. A fact I had always known.

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The investigation surrounded a man by the name of Antonio Miranda (US citizen).  In addition to providing details of my constructive dismissal (which, I appreciate, will be of little interest to many), I will be providing full details of the investigation.  As my complaint is being ignored by the Commissioner of Police (Bermuda) and the Foreign Office (UK), as of April 1999, I will release records in their entirety.  The information you will read is from official police documents, correspondence NOT submitted by myself.  I ask you to consider the following:

The information is factually correct - otherwise it would not have been submitted formally .

How do I come to possess copies of the correspondence when the Commissioner of Police, on 28th August 1990, transferred me 'back' to uniform and said (in front of Detective Inspector Jackson who had escorted me) that I was not to work in the Narcotics Department again?

The answer is no one had comprehensive knowledge of the case; the players, statements, contacts, enquiries undertaken, exhibits etc.  D.I. Jackson was aware of this and ignored the C.O.P's direction.

Over the next few months I simply ensured I collated evidence to support my case, evidence about the Miranda enquiry that you will read here and which, to this date is known to very few.  The reports can be accessed by clicking on the following icon
BS00653_.WMF (10678 bytes)

To this day, the police service will not reinvestigate the matter yet it is evident at least one Officer (Inspector Gibbons) has for some years withheld information. 

Bermuda has by far and away the highest density of police officers  and the single most expensive police organization to operate as a unit  anywhere in the world, facts that most locals and visitors do not knowBermuda may be able to claim some justification for having more than 10 times the number of police per square mile than anywhere else, more even per square mile than in the financial sectors of London and New York with their millions of visitors each year. But these extra numbers do not give visitors to Bermuda any better protection. They are not exempted from crimes committed against them by locals, or given a better chance of getting their assailants convicted and put in prison. Bermuda has one of the highest crime rates for its population, not one of the lowest as is often claimed

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Miranda Phone calls - full telephone listings courtesy of a search warrant requiring Telco to provide the information.

Miranda chronology following e-mail requests, sequential dates and events of the Miranda enquiry.

Miranda related intelligence
- new information from September 1990.

Sergeant Adams Memo
back-stabbing and evidence of an intent to falsify evidence by a serving officer.

Content: You are not about to read the ranting of some paranoid, vindictive ex-cop hell bent on destroying himself along with those who brought about his downfall.  Instead, you will read reported matters, facts or concerns raised at the time of my service.  In effect the material is a case study of a particular investigation (Antonio Miranda) but also provides an insight into life in the Bermuda police service. 

If nothing else, the information contained within these pages should be of interest.  I have no problem with anyone ignoring the principle objective of this site; to publicise my particular injustice.  There are many who have said that I am lucky to be away from the Bermuda police service, to quote a serving senior Officer, Allan Bissell "1990 was the best year the Bermuda Narcotics Office ever saw, or is likely to see".

To Allan Bissell: the above quote is from the tape recording of  your interview of me in a UK hotel, the last time an investigation was raised in relation to the narcotics office.

I am proud to have been part of the 1990 office, I was party to all the major operations and as a result, collated a lot of information.   In all I have in excess of 1000 documents which could, at some stage find themselves on this site.  I will try to ensure navigation is straightforward.

How were the DEA or FBI involved? Click on the icon: 
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The 'gloves are off'.  The Commissioner of Police (Bermuda) is a far from open and honest - the evidence is all here ...
letter to the Co-ordinator of Security Services (Bermuda).

What sort of officers surround the C.O.P? Inspector Gibbons ... Carlton Adams ???

The site was originally intended to highlight some of the draconian methods adopted by the Bermuda police service, supported by the Governor's Office, to deal with the lower ranks (oppression is rife); specifically my demise and subsequent complaint.  However, in my last few months of duty in the Bermuda Police service I collated and returned (to the UK) a mass of information with which to support my complaint and position.  I believe the information (linked to USA / Bermuda drug importation) will be of interest to many and have therefore expanded the site to include these matters.

There are a few pictures but I apologise; the site is text heavy.  In defence of this, the site is built on statements, tape transcripts and reports; evidence which I am hopeful will convey the site's integrity.  There are in excess of 100 pages associated with this site.

I do not believe there is another officer with my arrest record (such were the number of people I apprehended for drug related matters) in Bermuda.  In turn I probably continue to hold the record for the number of hours overtime worked in a month.  All of this provided a wealth of information I am able to display.

It took me little time to be transferred to the Narcotics department, my request was met with the following reply:

"I note that your application contained several favorable comments by your Supervisors about your ability and productivity as a Police Officer.  (A copy will be placed on your Personal file).   I would like to congratulate you on your motivation and application as a police officer"

The words of the former Commissioner of Police, Clive Donald (see 'Background'), the same person who in 1990 conspired to ensure my service was terminated by entertaining spurious allegations.  I have always denied the allegations and attempted to pursue my complaint, without success. 

Why, after almost 10 years, do these pages appear?

The answer is that after having made an official complaint and involved a solicitor without success I believed I would never achieve satisfaction.  I was satisfied the Bermuda police service had brushed my complaint under the carpet following an 'investigation' in which either everyone remained silent or I (unable to defend my self miles away) was blamed for the wrongdoings.   

But, out of the blue a serving Officer, Inspector Gibbons, wrote that he had 'found God'.  In 1996, the officer apparently wished to clear his conscience writing that I was 'subverted and betrayed', facts I have always known and claimed.  Armed with this information I set about resurrecting my complaint.

Inspector Gibbon's admission has a substantial impact on my assertion; it supports the truth of my allegations.  The complaint is dealt with in this site and I believe that, in reading the allegations and considering the circumstances (which are surprisingly straightforward) you will come to the same conclusion as I; namely that:

My services were no longer required (for whatever reason) and
a crude means to dispose of me was adopted.

Whether the Commissioner of Police took the course of action he did because I had, only the day before, received information that the head of narcotics was associated with the importation of cocaine (the tape transcript appears on this site) is unknown, but what a coincidence!

To everyone who takes the time to read, thank you.  Your comments are welcomed.  To the person who recently suggested 'subverted & betrayed' (logo at the head of the page) would be better replaced with 'bitter & twisted', I take on board your remark.  'Bitter', yes, to a certain extent; I was ousted wrongfully and my complaint has been and is being, ignored. 'Twisted', I disagree.  I make observations in this site, personal comments are included, but I am mindful of how my comments could be perceived.  There is no fanaticism, I am far from obsessed with the site, but the subject is of personal interest.

This site is over a year old.  No one has voiced concern about the content, no one has challenged what I publish.  The simple reason; you are reading FACTS.  Furthermore, whilst the police appear happy to comment to the press that no new evidence to support my complaint(s) has been forthcoming (I disagree), they have never suggested that I am either a lair or guilty of impropriety myself.

I returned to the Island in 1991 to give evidence in the trial of those associated with the importation of cocaine into the island.  A short while before I was to give evidence I was advised not to make comment about a defence lawyer's links to the defendants as a deal had been struck; we (the police) would not mention Julian Hall's (defence lawyer) links to the defendants and the defence would not mention the head of Narcotics alleged association to cocaine importation.

I kept to the deal.  However, that same week I gave evidence in another trial (Dwight Hatherley).  The defence barrister, Julian Hall (former Shadow Minister for Justice), cross examined me and during this I informed the Court that I had received information that he, Julian Hall, was behind the defendants importation of 66lbs of cannabis.  

The Court retired at that point for lunch and on our return Mr Hall asked not a single further question.

I believe my evidence was well received; Dwight was sentenced to 6 years imprisonment. 

So what am I hoping to achieve?

set the record straight
ensure the narcotics department is cleansed
receive compensation for my constructive dismissal


Because, for all that you read, I have never put anyone off traveling to Bermuda or applying to the police service.  Bermuda is one of the nicest places I have ever had the pleasure to visit.  In addition to the beauty of the island, its people are, in the main, wonderfully open, friendly and honest.  They deserve a police service, one capable of providing them protection and peace of mind.  The lower ranks within the police service need to be able to act professionally in the knowledge that they will be supported both by the public and those above them.  The police need the tools to be able to do their job; training and equipment.  

There exists a symbiotic relationship between the police and the public but, with every good intention in the world, a constable cannot provide the public what they want if torn between doing what is right and doing what will not attract the attention of the hierarchy.  In simplistic, logical, terms as an example; if you have to consider two masters (as opposed to one) it follows that decision making will take twice as long and the chances of making an error will be 50%.

Everyone makes mistakes but some are made in the honest belief that the course of action was appropriate in the circumstances.  In Bermuda there is a lack of confidence the hierarchy will understand this.  

The Bermuda police are only too willing to progress disciplinary hearings or investigations against the lower ranks.  It is almost as though some officers would rather be investigating internal matters (where police officer defendants / witnesses are compelled to answer questions) than the 'real world'.  The situation breeds in-fighting, complaints against fellow officers often for petty of selfish reasons.

Incompetence, inability and ignorance also breeds a willingness to malign officers.  A simple analogy is that exists an imaginary 'competence line'.  There are those who excel and appear above this line, others (possibly through no fault of their own) are positioned below this line.  For reasons of their own, some of those who fall below the line, instead of attempting to improve, or accepting their lot, chose to drag others down (below the line). 

The compensation aspect is simply settlement of my loss; my career was taken from me.  The means by which it was taken breach disciplinary practices (evidenced on this site).

Why do I give a damn?

You get one shot at this life.  I spent 5 years of mine on the island of Bermuda.  During at  least the last three I recognised an ability to make a difference and totally immersed myself in the job becoming knowledgeable about policing procedures, laws, methods of importation, investigation, the local community.  My arrest / investigation statistics make impressive reading (a journalist recently wrote to me advising that a search of my name on the police computer locked the machine for 1/2 hour such were the number of arrests).  I would suggest that in my 5 years on the island I became involved in more than most officers will see in at least double that. 

I spent 5 years of my life working hard on the island and arrested more people than most will do in their life-time.  The reasons given for my departure were by any standards, pathetic.  I have no intention of standing back and accepting the situation.  I am now 3,500 miles away, the internet provides the ideal medium by which to put my case.

I can write much of this site without reference to correspondence in my possession such is my memory of events.  I have a sincere concern for the island of Bermuda which deserves so much more than they are receiving from their over-subscribed police service.  If a small community such as Bermuda cannot make an impact on drug-dealing (and the associated misery) what chance does any other Country have?

Possibly my information / experiences will be used constructively and ensure that history does not repeat itself.

If you wish to comment, please feel free to  e-mail by clicking on the following: ignorance@bermuda.org.uk All e-mails will be treated in confidence and the source will, at no time, be disclosed.

To those who are now e-mailing me (or thinking of doing so) about working in the Bermuda police service following their latest recruitment campaign, do remember that my experiences, whilst unpleasant, relate to my commitment to investigating drug importation and supply.  Whilst I would urge caution when dealing with some local officers, in the main, your years of uniform street duty will be relatively mundane albeit compensated by a the opportunity to experience new cultures, spend time in a new environment and generally enjoy the island.  However, the following has been reported in the press:

Thank you for your time.

Philip Swift (former Detective Constable 217 Bermuda Narcotics Department)





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