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Bermuda Sun

Julian Hall as "attorney in fact" for Betty Lorraine McMahon has begun a legal action against Paul Barrington Hubbard, John David Bowen and Francine McMahon Ryan. The matter is related to a power of attorney - filed May 8.

Bermuda Sun

An action has been brought by Amulion Investments Ltd., a financing company associated with lawyer Charles Vaucrosson, has brought an action against lawyer Julian Hall -- filed Nov. 20.

Bermuda Sun 3rd April 1998

Julian Hall

MANY will be saddened this week by yet another public downfall by Julian Hall, as the Supreme Court ordered receivers to divide up his assets. Few men of his generation had more potential. At one time or another Mr. Hall has been the golden boy of just about every sector of Bermuda. He has been a dynamic speaker and a charismatic advocate, with a remarkable ability to make money and (sadly) an even more remarkable talent for making it disappear.

Bermuda Sun Newspaper January 21, 2000

ENTREPRENEUR and Bermuda Sun columnist Tony Brannon, lost his father this week:

A story from Tony Brannon in the article:

Lawyer Julian Hall recently told me a Terence Brannon 40 Thieves story: One night, when leaving the club, a police officer approached Terry and said, 'Mr. Brannon, you are not planning to drive home in that condition are you?' Dad replied, 'Well, you don't expect me to walk home in this condition do you?!' He had a great dry, English sense of humour.

'Bermuda Daily' - March 19, 2000 provided by

Bankrupt former PLP MP and lawyer, Julian Hall faces possible arrest warrant after missing meeting with creditors.




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