August 1990



August 1990

10th August 1990 11.00hrs

Monmouth County Prosecutor's Office

Called re murder of Deborah Lee Morton

Asked if there was any information as to how CUBAN brothers had come to conclusion that MORTON had informed on TRAPASSO / MIRANDA.

I reassured them that I thought it very unlikely that anyone in Bermuda (Police /Customs) would have been responsible for such information being leaked and suggested that ANGELA TRAPASSO during her incarceration might have come to that conclusion and said as much in her weekly conversations to CHERYL OWENS in the States.

The word on the street in N.J. is that MARCUS COHAB is very upset at losing the $129,000 (seized by police) and he blames MORTON.  It is thought that HARRY OWENS killed his own sister (MORTON) and it is possible HARRY OWEN suffered the same fate at the hands of COHAB.

CHERYL OWENS is not cooperating and will not make the phone call to Angela TRAPASSO at the co-ed.

DET. (name withheld) asks that all phone calls to Co-Ed to TRAPASSO be monitored (arrangements made with prison HQ)>

If by next TUESDAY 14/8/90, there has been no calls informing TRAPASSO / MIRANDA of death of MORTON, that they be informed at HMC when they appear for 'mention' - possibly with lawyer present.

There is a 'long shot' that HARRY OWENS may telephone TRAPASSO and his number would be required by DET. (name withheld).

PO Wade, CO-ED

reports that ANGELA TRAPASSO received a telephone call at 1820hrs 13/8/90 from a person who identified himself as GEOFF VANDERBERG.

The call was from a phone booth and the operator had the caller insert coins to pay for the call.  The prison authority only knows that the call was from the U.S.  They did not get any information from the operator.

The call was actually from HARRY OWENS as TRAPASSO slipped on several occasions and called him HARRY.

TRAPASSO informed HARRY of DEBORAH OWEN / LEE MARTINS murder and HARRY kept saying "OH MY GOD".  She asked if he was alright, seemed very upset.

TRAPASSO asked if he had moved to his new home.  HARRY replied, "one of them".  TRAPASSO warned him that the authorities were looking for him, he replied "What for, I don't know anything".

Call lasted approx. 6 mins.

22nd August 1990

To D.I.U. 1050hrs


Angela Trapasso is willing to talk to DEA and State Police re Miranda enquiry and Morton murder.

She does not want her lawyer present (Delroy Duncan) as he had reported everything back to Frank Tassone (Cuban brothers lawyer in Miami).

Tassone apparently has visited Trapasso in Co-ed.

Trapasso is very upset Rosalva Miranda has been released.

DEA / NJ State Police will probably come to Bermuda on Monday 27/8/90 to see Trapasso (at her request) re murder enquiry.

Again request to find out if Angel Santiago has been to Bermuda.





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