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21st June 2007

George Jackson - Commissioner of police apologises.

The commissioner of police (Bermuda) has apparently issued an apology for the 'theft' of secret & confidential documents about alleged corruption at Bermuda Housing Corporation that named Government Ministers. reported in the Bermuda Sun, click here for the story.

We question whether George understands what he is apologising for, if he has any idea what is going on.  Just how much time has George spent looking after 'his' constabulary of late and is he anything more than the Premier's, Ewart Brown's puppet?  Apparently George has spent a fair amount of time off the island.  It certainly appears he is less than efficient (or interested?) when it comes to overseeing projects, such as the construction of a new police station to replace the one currently in the capital, Hamilton.  The police station he expects his officers to work in is said to be a potential health hazard and described as 'the worst in the western hemisphere' - intended to be a temporary measure in the 1970's, apparently it is now considered a health hazard. Click here to read more.

BHC Scandal

Mr Jackson is reported to have said with regard to the loss of papers " ....we are duty bound to investigate without fear, prejudice or favour" adding "we want the public to feel confident that this is a standardized, systematic investigation that is following the normal investigative course which includes pursuing lines of inquiry and interviewing witnesses. We are confident that all measures that have been taken by the police have been appropriate for the circumstances of this case".

Given the failure to question some suspects, to include the current Premier, Ewart Brown, one questions whether the above approach was applied to the BHC enquiry.

George Jackson, the current Commissioner is no stranger to lost documents and problems within the constabulary.  This site owes a its existence to George's willingness to ignore the directions of a former Commissioner and his slack attendance to security of documents.  in 1990 when George was an Inspector in the narcotics department he presented the author of this site to the then Commissioner of Police and was present when I was advised that my contract would not be renewed and that I was no longer to work in the narcotics department. However, George had a problem - Bermuda had a lack of competent staff and within a week I was being asked to help out.

Initially I did not attend the narcotics office; I did not receive the message that help was required with a seizure and operation.  The constabulary had no one available to prepare a 'controlled package' (a dummy package containing a small amount of the subject narcotic) so they delivered the original, complete, package - all the imported drug!  They were also short of manpower so when the deal went down, there were insufficient trained staff to act and the suspect to whom the drugs were handed made off and escaped!  The suspect had all the drugs delivered to him by the Bermuda police, George's team!

However, this site exists because, contrary to the then Commissioner's order, George requested my return to the narcotics office to catalogue exhibits over a period of weeks.  I used the opportunity to borrow and copy the papers; many appear on this site - there are many more yet to be included!  George, the Attorney General's Office and the Governor are all aware that documents appear on this site, that papers are taken from police offices. 

With regard to the BHC scandal file, just what has happened?  The press recently reported that George Jackson submitted an affidavit stating that the file was LOST.  Now  George apparently says it was STOLEN.  Just how does the file go from misplaced to unlawfully in taken in a week or so?  Did it take so long so realise the file was not 'lost' or can no one make up their mind?

Kent Police

There also appears to be a change of mind with regard to calling in New Scotland Yard (NSY - The Metropolitan Police, London, England).  Instead the constabulary is asking a far smaller constabulary, Kent in South East England to assist them. Why?

Kent police has a good reputation but they are suffering from manpower shortages, not least of all because they have had to divert manpower to the country's largest robbery.  A senior Kent officer is a former Bermuda Officer, but was, to the writer's recollection, an administration officer in Bermuda.

Why not approach the City of London - ask for their help locating the leak, papers and investigating the BHC Scandal?  The City are renowned for their prowess when dealing with fraud.

Is it the case that Bermuda does not want to find the file or the leak but simply requires a scape-goat, someone to divert blame to when the papers fail to surface?  What is it about the leak of the papers that presents Bermuda with an investigation that they are unable to undertake the enquiry themselves?  If they cannot investigate lost property ....




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